Am I clumsy?

Have you ever felt clumsy? Find out just how clumsy you are by taking this quiz!

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Why am I so clumsy?

Have you ever wondered how clumsy you are and why you are so clumsy? Take our “Am I clumsy?” quiz and find out why you are so clumsy. Or maybe you aren’t as incompetent as you think you are? Compare yourself to the average person and find out!

Be sure to answer every question as truthfully as possible to get an accurate result. Don’t try to cheat!

Why are you so clumsy?

Sometimes we are not so careful with our surroundings. And when we aren’t that careful, things break. It could be an accident, but if this happens more regularly, the chances are that you are a very clumsy person!

Have you ever hit yourself while trying to open a door?

  1. Sometimes
  2. Yes, all the time.
  3. No

Do you often trip over things that are easily seeable, like cables and steps?

  1. Sometimes, but not often.
  2. Daily
  3. No

Are you careful with things?

  1. I try to be.
  2. Never!
  3. Yes, always.
  4. Not really.
  5. Yes, most of the time.

How often do you break things?

  1. Once or twice a year maybe.
  2. Never.
  3. Daily
  4. Not often, but once in a while, I break things.
  5. At least once a week.

Do you have a lot of mystery stains on your clothes?

  1. Yes
  2. A few...
  3. No

Have you ever spilt a drink over an electronic device, like a laptop or a phone?

  1. Yes, all the time.
  2. No, never.
  3. Yes, three or four times.
  4. Yes, only once or twice.

Are you a messy eater?

  1. Yes
  2. Not really.
  3. Yes, once in a while.

When walking, how often do you trip?

  1. Never
  2. Rarely
  3. Occasionally
  4. All the time, sometimes multiple times when I go out.

Do people allow you to have delicate things that break easily, like cups or teapots?

  1. I don't know.
  2. No, people never trust me with delicate things! I break everything.
  3. Yes

Do you burn yourself on the oven a lot?

  1. I burn myself all the time.
  2. Not at all.
  3. Sometimes, but not a lot.

Have you ever dropped your mobile phone down the toilet?

  1. Yes, two or three times.
  2. Yes, and that's why people never trust me with mobile phones!
  3. Once
  4. That never happened to me.

How often do you bump into people?

  1. All the time.
  2. Sometimes
  3. Never

Do you have a lot of bruises?

  1. Yes, a few.
  2. No, but I used to in the past.
  3. No, I never get bruises.
  4. Yes, I have tons of mystery bruises.
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  1. Extremely clumsy

    You are a super clumsy person. You are definitely one to knock things over, spill cups of tea, trip over cables, drop things, and so on. People have probably told you that you are like a bull in a china shop. Try and be more careful.

  2. Very clumsy

    You are almost as clumsy as they come, but not quite. While you do break things quite often and sometimes trip over your own feet, you do have at least some control of the things around you and where you're going. You are still pretty clumsy, so you probably should watch where you're going!

  3. Average clumsy

    You're clumsy but in an average way. In your history, you probably have had times where you broke things without people knowing, but for now, you're not overly clumsy. Being careful can be hard for some people, and you're not the only one!

  4. Sort of clumsy

    Sometimes, you can be a bit accident-prone, as you do spill drinks and forget that things are next to you once in a while, but you're far from being super clumsy. It's natural for people to have minor accidents once in a while.

  5. Not really clumsy

    You aren't the clumsy type of person. You are pretty careful and not awkward. You may have broken a few things in the past, but haven't we all? You don't have anything to worry about here.

  6. Not clumsy at all

    You are never clumsy! You carefully do everything and are always aware of your surroundings. You would never accidentally drop anything nor trip over a cable. You are the exact opposite of clumsy, and if there were an antonym for clumsy, it would describe you.

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