Truth or Dare Party
App icon Truth or Dare Party

The ideal Truth or Dare app for parties. The drinking game that gets the job done.

Get ready for embarrassing questions 🤭, dirty dares 🤫, sexy challenges 💋 and an incredible amount of fun and drinks 🍺!

Spin the bottle, answer truthfully and complete your dares to experience an unforgettable evening with a group of friends - it’s perfect for every party.

How to play Truth or Dare Party

Rules for Spin the Bottle Party Game

The new way to play Truth or Dare

How to Play Truth or Dare as a drinking game 🍻

Truth or Dare as a drinking game takes your party to new heights! Not only do players have to answer dirty truths and perform naughty dares - now they will also get drunk while doing so.

It’s a drinking game best suited for parties, bachelor parties, pre-parties and any other kind of party where booze is involved.

The drinking game version is highly recommended for party animals, college students, college dropouts, bachelorettes and all the other people who like to party hard and dirty.

Rules for Truth or Dare as a drinking game

A player has to drink when:

To avoid disputes we suggest using the play with names feature.

Game Modes and Features

Reveal the truth 🤞 and spice 🌶 things up in this party game for Android!

Make your party more interesting with Truth or Dare! The #1 game for having fun with your friends at parties! Perfectly serviceable drinking game.

Gather your friends, spin the bottle or let the app decide and have some fun!


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