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2048 is a fun & addicting number puzzle game, where blocks with numbers must be merged until you reach the number 2048.

2048 rules of the game

Use the arrow keys or swipe with your finger to move the colorful numbered tiles. If two tiles touch with the same number, a new tile with the sum of the two numbers will be created. Can you make a block with the number 2048?

The best tricks for 2048

What may seem boring and simple at first glance is really exciting and challenging. Only those who act calmly and strategically can win the game. Here are some tips for you on how to improve your high scores and maybe even get the magic number.

1. 2048 Game Tip: Strategic

Wild back and forth is doomed to fail, the whirlpool principle too. Play linear and always work towards a corner. The game developer himself advises to focus on one corner. For right-handers, the upper right corner, for left-handers, the left lower corner would be the most skillful - pure experience from long game evenings.

Try to place the highest summed number in the chosen corner and work towards it. Two high numbers in two opposite corners are a bad sign. Hardly a chance to win the game.

2. 2048 Game Tip: String Numbers

So choose a corner and off you go. In addition, make sure that high numbers are placed as close to each other as possible. Better still: seen from the chosen corner - by descending principle. After that, the numbers can be summed much faster and automatically land in the chosen corner.

3. 2048 Game Tip: Nasty Deuces

It is advisable to play only in three directions. If, for example, you have selected the top right corner for the highest number, you should move the numbers only up, right and less often to the left if possible. The swipe down should be avoided. Because as soon as you do this, usually a two will appear in the right corner and whirl the entire system upside down.

4. 2048 Game Tip: Release Deuces

If you limit a two with other higher numbers, it will be difficult to get at them again and work with them. The lower the number, the more accessible it should be. For twos and fours, you should be careful that they are not completely sealed off.

5. 2048 Game Tip: Make room

Clean up the fields. The fewer fields left, the more difficult or impossible it will be to reach the goal. Before the next turn comes, you should always have a clear overview of what numbers are going to move. Sometimes there are several conceivable combinations that you only recognize at second glance.

The puzzle game 2048 hardly tolerates a mistake

It seems the game does not tolerate a single mistake. At each step, you should try to create at least one new number combination. If this does not succeed, the gameplay can change within a few steps from good to hopeless. So think twice before playing the next turn.

Take your time with the move

Unlike many games, 2048 is not about speed. You can leave yourself all the time in the world. That’s why it says here: do not rush. Anyone who pushes the numbers back and forth rashly loses. Each turn must be considered. Keep in mind that a swipe to right / left / up / down automatically shifts all numbers, not just the number the player wants to move. It’s a bit like playing chess - keep an eye on the whole game and think a few steps ahead.

If you observe the rules of the game listed above, a new high score can be reached some practice. The goal of seeing a 2048 on the display is also within reach! But beware, the addictive potential of the game is great. If you have little time left, you prefer to delay the gameplay to a quiet minute. 2048 can play here directly through the browser. And yes, you can win it!

The game is solvable, even beyond the Tile 2048 you can continue to play to earn points.

2048 World Record

In this video, you’ll see a player count a record at 151.796 points. He came across the 2,048 tile and even managed an 8,192 tile over the 4,096 tiles. This video gives a good impression of the game strategy.

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