Quiz: Your random opinion reveals what you should eat today!

Your random opinion reveals what you should eat today!

Take this quiz immediately if you're hungry and can't decide on what to eat!

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What should I eat?

You are probably bothered by the biggest question of mankind next to “Is there life after death?”, “Does God really exist?” or “Are we alone in the universe?”! But your question will be answered in no time with this quiz!

What are you waiting for! Take the quiz now!

How your hunger influences your opinion

You’re probably wondering how this quiz works, right? Well, it’s basically explained very simply. We’ll present you with four different opinions for each question, and you’ll choose one of them.

The genius of it is that when someone is enormously hungry, that person usually has a more extreme opinion. And because of that, we will suggest more hearty meals than usual. Of course, the whole thing works the other way around too!

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