Quiz: Which Luca character are you?

Which Luca character are you?

Are you curious, brave, or eternally optimistic? Find out which character from the Luca movie you resemble the most. Are you Luca Paguro, Alberto Scorfano, or Giulia Marcovaldo? Take this fun quiz and reveal your inner sea monster!

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Which Luca character are you?

Ever wanted to dive into the enchanting world of Luca and find your place within it? Set in the picturesque Italian Riviera, Luca presents us with a colorful cast of quirky characters, each brimming with their distinct charm and personality.

Unleash your inner sea monster (they’re not that scary, promise!) and take our interactive quiz to find out if you’re more of a Luca or an Alberto. Maybe you’re the fiery, pasta-loving Giulia or the strict, yet loving Daniela Paguro? Let’s find out!

Introducing the Luca characters

Before we dive into the azure waters, let’s get to know the wonderful beings of Luca. A perfect blend of adventure and mystery, human and sea monster, these characters have us all wishing we could swim with them beneath the waves.

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Luca Paguro

Meet Luca, our curious and delightful main character. He’s a natural explorer, constantly pushing boundaries despite his ingrained sea monster caution. If you often find yourself daydreaming about worlds beyond your own, Luca might just be your kindred spirit.

Adventure is Luca’s middle name, and despite his initial fear, he always finds the strength to embrace the unknown. From discovery to overcoming fears, if you’re someone who loves a good dose of adventure coupled with tranquility, you might resonate with Luca Paguro.

Alberto Scorfano

Alberto is the embodiment of unbridled adventure and fearless exploration. His quick wit, brilliant confidence, and embrace of his sea monster heritage is engaging. If you believe in diving headfirst into experiences, Alberto may be your match!

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His ever-ready thirst for adventure and ‘silenzio bruno’ attitude teaches us the importance of pushing past our fears. If you’re the die-hard optimist who sees the silver lining in every situation, you might just have a streak of Alberto Scorfano in you.

Giulia Marcovaldo

Giulia, with her fiery red hair, is a burst of energy and unmistakable fervor. Her passion for knowledge, sense of justice, and love for pasta (who can blame her?) is infectious. If you are about being your authentic self and never backing down, Giulia is your girl.

Her sanguine persona, combined with her unwavering determination, will remind you of the fiercely independent and resilient individuals. If you find bits of you in this description, you might just be a Giulia Marcovaldo at heart.

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Daniela Paguro and Massimo Marcovaldo

Then there are the guardians, Daniela Paguro and Massimo Marcovaldo. While at first they may seem tough and overbearing, they show great love and care throughout the journey. If you carry a protective spirit and a huge heart beneath a stern exterior, one of these might be your match.

Ercole Visconti

Finally, Ercole Visconti - love him or hate him, but you can’t ignore him. With his large-than-life persona, he’s the town’s bully. If you carry that unshakable confidence or just believe in flamboyant showmanship, you may find similarities with Ercole.

Ready to dive into the world of Luca?

Without further ado, are you ready to embark on a mirthful journey through beautiful sunlit Italian coastal streets or venture into the depth of the vibrant azure ocean? Unleash your inner sea monster, take the plunge, and let’s reveal your Luca character look-alike!

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Discover the Luca in you, embrace Alberto’s brazen courage, or revel in Giulia’s fiery spirit. Who knows, you might just find your inner Daniela, Massimo, or even Ercole! So let’s set sail on this voyage of self-discovery! Avanti!

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