Which Eddsworld character are you?

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Eddsworld is an animated comedy web series created by the British Edd Gould. There are flash animations, comics, browser games, and much more.

In Eddsworld, anything is possible. The series focuses on the humorous adventures of 4 friends (later on, only 3). They’re fighting zombies, an evil Santa Clause, travel to the future or to Atlantis. Eddsworld has it all.

Eddsworld characters

Eddswordl features a vast amount of different characters, but most prominently the main cast, which consists of Edd, Tom, Tord, and Matt.

In later episodes, Tord leaves the gang, only to come back much later with evil intend!

Which Eddsworld character are you?

Want to find out which character of Eddsworld is most like you? Then you should take this quiz immediately! Find out now if you’re Edd, Tom, Tord, or Matt!

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Edd Gould

Edd Gould was the creator of Eddsworld and initiated the series in 2003. He did the voice for his cartoon alter-ego Edd and all the animation and art of the series. He was a very skillful and talented animator, voice actor, writer, and director.

Sadly, Edd Gould passed away in 2012, aged 23, due to acute lymphoblastic leukemia. After that, his friends and family continued the series to this day.