Which Avenger are you?

Which Marvel's Avenger are you? Take the quiz and find out!

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Which Avenger are you?

Seen all the Avengers movies and can’t wait for a potential sequel? That’s too bad. But why don’t you take this quiz to find out which Avenger is most like you?

In this entertaining quiz, you’ll find out which Marvel’s Avenger is most like you. Take the test now!


There are now several movies featuring the superheroes we know and love as the Avengers. The original six Avengers were Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, Captain America, Black Widow, and Hawkeye.

But have you ever asked yourself: “Which Avenger is most like me?” Well, of course, you have! But only we have an accurate answer to this question!

Just answer 12 questions only a true hero or heroine can answer! So, what are you waiting for? Take the Which Avenger are you? Quiz now and find out!

Iron Man, Thor, or Black Widow – who will you be?

One of the most famous Avengers is probably Iron Man. But maybe you fancy someone else even more, like handsome Thor or sexy Black Widow? Will your result meet your preferences?

Take the test and find out!

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What's your favorite color?

What ordinary job would you be really good at?

  1. Shopkeeper
  2. Barkeeper
  3. Teacher
  4. Bus driver
  5. Janitor
  6. Police Officer

How do you fight?

  1. Aggressively and fast
  2. Strategically and slow

Which of these do you like the most?

  1. Science
  2. Literature
  3. Music
  4. Animals
  5. People
  6. Nothing

What are you?

  1. Night owl
  2. Morning person
  3. Neither


  1. Save the person you love most and let one hundred people die.
  2. Save one hundred people and let the person you love most die.

Imagine you're part of a rock band. What would be your part?

  1. Roadie
  2. Vocals
  3. Guitar
  4. Drums
  5. Bass
  6. Keyboard

What would you rather do if you face a superior being you can't possibly defeat?

  1. Put your family and friends in danger by trying to defeat it.
  2. Save the lives of your family and friends by living like a slave.

What's your goal?

  1. I don't know.
  2. To take vengeance!
  3. To rule over everything and everyone!
  4. To save the world, even if no one believes me.

What do you prefer?

  1. A high attack
  2. A balance
  3. A high defense
  4. A special ability

Someone tries to flirt with you – what do you do?

  1. I'm scared like crazy! I'm not used to someone flirting with me.
  2. Creep them out, hehe.
  3. Tell them to get lost.
  4. Tell them I'm in a relationship.
  5. Flirt back, obviously!

Which statement describes you best?

  1. I like to take it easy.
  2. I'm always up for a challenge.
  3. I enjoy learning new things.
  4. Don't mess with me.
  5. I follow the rules.
  6. I'm weird.
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  1. Iron Man

    You're like Tony Stark, alias Iron Man!

    You're a creative, selfish playboy. But you're also intelligent and charming.

    The probably best thing about you, though, is that you would sacrifice yourself for the sake of humanity.

  2. Captain America

    You're like Steve Rogers, alias Captain America!

    You're a diligent and persistent patriot. But you also got some quite outdated ideals and often forget about the big picture.

    But the probably best thing about you is your sense of duty and your willingness to do whatever it takes.

  3. Hulk

    You're like Bruce Banner, alias the Incredible Hulk!

    You live in constant duality. One day you're brilliant and courteous; the other day, you turn into a mindless monster.

    No matter whose side you're on, that side will definitely win in a fight.

  4. Thor

    You're like Thor Odinson!

    You're the prince of Asgard and the God of Thunder! You're pretty arrogant and always want to prove how strong you are. But you're a good fighter and a loyal friend.

  5. Black Widow

    You're like Natasha Romanoff, alias Black Widow!

    You're a top spy and Hawkeye's best friend.

    Out of all the Avengers, you seem to have the smallest ego. You're very calm and collected and have your emotions in check.

  6. Hawkeye

    You're like Clint Barton, alias Hawkeye!

    You don't have any actual superpowers, but you're one of the world's most excellent marksman armed with a bow. You're pretty introverted, observant, and thinking. You're a real family man!

    It's tough to judge you because you don't show enough of your true self.

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