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Receiving compliments works the same way as laughter. It affects moods, sends positive vibes, and makes a person’s day brighter. And it is just as free.

So imagine combining these two positive things into one. How do you think the people in your life would react to well-placed funny compliments sent their way?

See for yourself. Here are 20 examples of funny compliments you can use as a greeting, an ice breaker, a reply to a question, or any kind of conversation.

1. Honestly, you have impeccable taste in friends. Just look at me.

Just blurt it out one day when you’re hanging out with your friends. See how quickly the mood in the room changes.

2. Congratulations! Out of all my friends, you are the best at being single.

Got a friend who’s sad about a break-up? Or feeling down that he/she hasn’t met the person-of-their dreams? This compliment is a good pick-me-upper for super-close friends having a bad day.

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3. You are my favorite person to annoy.

Who doesn’t like being somebody’s favorite, right? This funny compliment is perfect for any person in your life. Say it to your crush, parents, siblings, significant other, best friend, or even your colleagues.

4. You’re the first person I feel I can share my passwords with.

Wouldn’t you just feel so special hearing this? It’s the modern-day equivalent to being assigned someone’s emergency contact.

5. You will never look ugly to me. But then again, I wear fanny packs and sport a mullet.

Giving compliments about someone’s looks, then admitting that you (the compliment-giver) has absolutely the worst taste is a classic.

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This isn’t for everyone; people you’re not close with might not get your sarcasm, so just use it to tease your life partners when they ask if their new haircut looks banging, or if a dress, jacket, jeans, or any other item would look good on them.

6. You are my favorite brother/sister.

Compliment your only-brother or only-sister by telling they’re your favorite. As if you had any other choice. It’s a cute little jab among siblings.

7. You are the best drunken karaoke partner in the world.

If you have someone in your life who is always ready to go drinking and sing karaoke with you, I’m sure they deserve this title, even if you both know they’re not the best singers.

8. Even if you didn’t shower for days, I will still hang out with you.

It’s like saying, “Even at your worst, I will always have your back” in a gross way only friends who have known each other for years would accept wholeheartedly.

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9. You are the Spongebob to my Squidward.

This compliment won’t work with anyone who didn’t grow up watching Spongebob. But for those who did, they’ll understand that the love-hate relationship of these famous cartoon characters is pretty iconic.

Are you the bubbly, always-happy-bordering-on-annoying Spongebob in this relationship? Or are you the always-grump-somewhat-snobbish Squidward? Either way, they can’t live without one another, so this compliment is still pretty sweet.

10. The more I get to know you, the more I believe mermaids might be real too.

Pick the right person to compliment using this line. It’s a heart-warming compliment for the girl who loves everything mythical. But not so much for your band of brothers or colleagues.

11. Being normal is overrated. Your weirdness is one-of-a-kind.

When a friend is doubting his/her awesomeness wishing to be just normal, this compliment might just be that quick one-liner to brighten up his/her day.

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12. You have an interesting mix of useless talents.

Perfect for a best friend, significant other, and family members, this compliment can give out a loud laugh, especially if it’s true.

Think magic tricks using a coin, singing the alphabet song backward, quacking like a duck, balancing a spoon on your nose; you get the point.

13. Thanks for being the reliable, problem-solver in a team of crazies.

Just finished a project your team has been killing themselves with for the past month or so? Then compliments are in order for the person (or people) who made the entire experience bearable.

This doesn’t have to be an appreciation statement for your boss; you can acknowledge anyone who took charge and dealt with the mess, then turned it into a workable solution.

14. God, I hated your corny jokes… but not anymore.

One of the best compliments a person can receive is from someone who changed their mind about you, from bad to good. It means their first impression about you has changed the more they got to know you.

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This funny compliment is versatile as well. You can tell it to your longtime friends, colleagues, or significant other, but never say it to someone you just met.

15. You have the longest, most beautiful eyelashes, dude!

If you’re a guy and another guy friend notices your long, curly lashes, your sexy legs, or other physical features guys usually don’t check out on other guys, such compliments can be strange to hear.

But it will definitely get a funny reaction from your closest guy friends, if you blurt this compliment out of the blue.

16. You look like an anime character.

If you have never watched anime before, this compliment may come as something adorable. Who wouldn’t want to look like an animated character, right?

But if you know your anime, this remark can either be flattering or hysterically insulting, especially if the compliment-giver specified which anime you look like.

Either way, out of all the people in the world, it’s still pretty cool you are the one who popped into someone’s mind while he/she is watching anime.

17. You smell like bananas.

Compliments that catch you off guard are always the funniest. If you want to catch the attention of a colleague, or a girl you’re getting to know better, praise them on how they smell by comparing them with your favorite fruit.

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Use bananas, avocado, or any other sweet-smelling fruit. Just stay away from infamously-stinky food like durian or dragonfruit.

18. You’re pretty hot, even if you have a dad bod.

If you’re in your late-20s through your 30s, you probably have been hearing this compliment a lot. Welcome the dad bod comments with open arms, at least you’re still considered hot… but just in another-level of hotness.

It’s like saying you’re “90s hot” or “80s cool.” You’ve entered the niche territory. It’s your choice to laugh it off, or get weirded out by the remark.

19. You are weirdly the most tolerable person I know.

Sometimes, it can be hard to tell your friends how much you appreciate them. If you’re not the most expressive person, joking about it can be the perfect method to get your feelings across.

It’s always good to know where you stand in a person’s life. Even if you deliver this funny compliment in a teasing way, the receiver will still appreciate being one of “the most” in your life.

20. Oh my, you’re way smarter than I thought.

Wait, what? Did you think I wasn’t smart before?

You’ll probably get caught off guard by this compliment. Is the person REALLY praising me, or actually insulting me?

In cases like these, it’s always better to look on the brighter side and don’t take the remark too seriously. At least they changed their impression of you and acknowledged it to your face, right?

Not all Funny Compliments are Funny to Everyone

Be careful with funny compliments. They may be an effective way to start a conversation, but some people might take your statements the wrong way. Your sense of humor could be too dark, too sarcastic, too needy, or simply too much for their tastes.

Learn to recognize the people who would love a particular compliment. Do you consider them close enough to hear the sarcasm in your voice? Would they understand you’re just teasing?

At the end of the day, compliments should make all parties feel good about themselves. If they do not result in giggles, laughter, a loud snort, or even a crooked smile, then you’re doing it wrong. Try again. I promise you the feeling of making someone laugh with a well-delivered funny compliment will be worth it.

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