Quiz: What type of tea matches your personality?

What type of tea are you?

Steep yourself into this flavorful quiz and discover which type of tea defines you best. Let's kettle-down to unveiling your tea personality!

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What type of tea are you?

Are you more of an exquisite Earl Grey or a vivacious Bubble tea? tea is as diverse as are humans - each blend carrying its unique aroma, flavor, and charm. From calming herbal brews to the energizing black, the world of tea is a metaphor for our personality traits.

Plunge into this fun and flavorful quiz that aims to pair you with your tea-twin!

A whirlpool of teas and personalities

First, let’s brew a fresh pot of knowledge and learn about the tea personalities we will be exploring in this quiz. After all, understanding the characters on your taste palette is just as crucial as sipping the tea itself!

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Earl Grey

Elegant, sophisticated, and mysterious - that’s Earl Grey for you. This black tea with hints of bergamot oil is for the cultured, the refined, and those with a penchant for a timeless classic. Just as Earl Grey is the go-to choice for many, are you someone people often lean on?


Chamomile is the soothing lullaby in a teacup. Known for its calming properties, it’s the embodiment of tranquility and harmony. If you’re someone who exudes peace, diffuses tension, or just enjoys a quiet evening read, Chamomile could be your tea twin!

Green tea

Healthy, fresh, and uplifting, green tea reflects the zest for life. Linked with wellness and mindfulness, this brew resonates with those leading a balanced lifestyle. For the fitness enthusiasts and health gurus, Green tea is your spirit in tea form.

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Bubble tea

Just like Bubble tea, are you sweet, fun, and irresistibly quirky? A worldwide phenomenon, bubble tea is for the adventurous and the playful - those who love adding a dash of excitement to life. A unique brew for unique individuals, bubble tea speaks to the free spirits.

Chai tea

Warm, robust, and comforting, chai tea is like a cozy blanket on a rainy day. A staple across households, it epitomizes homeliness. Are you someone who cherishes traditions and finds joy in simplicity? Then, Chai tea might just capture your essence.

Matcha tea

Matcha tea represents the bold, the vibrant, and the extraordinary. It’s a statement tea that’s not everyone’s cup of tea. If you’re known for your strong personality and don’t shy from standing out, you could very well be a Matcha!

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Discover your tea personality

Tea isn’t just a beverage; it’s an experience, a lifestyle, a personality. The variety and the versatility that tea brings to the table are reflections of how diverse we humans are. tea and humans share a strange similarity - though we come in different forms, we all brew from the same essence.

Ready to find out your tea persona? Well, it’s tea time!

The blends of humanity

Just as the vast array of tea varieties cater to every palate, we too, flaunt an array of personalities. Some of us are calming presences, much like Chamomile, while others are energizing forces akin to Green tea. Then there are those whose powerful personalities mimic the commanding presence of Matcha.

The beauty lies in our diversity, just as it does in the world of tea. Connected in essence, yet distinct in expression.

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Brew your personal tea story

Tea, like life, is an art. Your choices, much like your favorite tea selection, says a lot about you. Perhaps you like your tea bold and robust, much like your decision-making. Or maybe you prefer it light and refreshing, reflecting your breezy demeanor.

Embark on this brew-tiful journey and brew your tea story. Savour each question, steep in the options, and pour out your most authentic self. Your tea twin awaits!

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