Quiz: What type of Dere are you? | Find out now!

What type of Dere are you?

Which of the many Dere archetypes are you? Find out with this expert anime quiz.

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What Dere are you?

If you watch anime, you might’ve come across a handful of characters that fit into unique stereotypes, namely, the “Dere” archetypes. For example, those who are familiar with anime will recognize stereotypes such as Tsunderes and Yanderes.

By taking this quiz, you’ll find out which Dere type you are! Are you a Tsundere, a Yandere, a Kamidere, or something completely different? Find out now!

Find out now how kawaii you are!

Dere archetypes

Tsunderes are one of the most widely known Dere archetypes. Tsunderes are usually presented as people who refuse to acknowledge their love and are in constant denial of it, to a degree of being in disgust. While also being hot-headed about their love, becoming flustered when complimented by their crush, for example.

Yanderes, on the other hand, are pretty much psychopaths. Not very lovey-dovey, I know. These lovesick Yandere characters will often go to concerning lengths for their beloved, such as kidnapping them, violence, and even murdering others! If that doesn’t sound romantic, I don’t know what is!

There are many different Dere archetypes in anime, do this quiz to find out which of the following you are!

The different Dere archetypes

The rise in popularity of these common archetypes has increased recently as more and more anime are being released, engaging fans all around the world with unique character personalities that attract recurring fans.

So, what are you waiting for? Do this quiz and find out which Dere you are!

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