Quiz: How kawaii are you? | Take the test now and find out!

How kawaii are you?

Have you ever asked yourself how kawaii or cute you are? Now the time has come to finally find out!

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Have you ever asked yourself how kawaii or cute you are? Well, now the time has come to find out how kawaii you truly are!

In this quiz, you’ll have to pick plenty of kawaii plushies, kawaii animals, kawaii sweets, and even kawaii colors! In the end, you’ll find out how kawaii you exactly are!

So exciting!

How cute are you?

In other words, let’s find out how cute you are!

I bet you’ve wondered a million times how kawaii or cute you are, right? Well, there’s only one way of finding out: Take the How kawaii are you? quiz right now!

What does kawaii mean?

The term kawaii stems from Japan and is mostly used to describe everything that is cute, adorable, lovable, charming, and maybe even vulnerable.

The term was first used to describe cute schoolgirls in Japan. It gained popularity in the 1980s with the rise of the kawaii art movement and the creation of iconic characters such as *Hello Kitty and Pikachu.

Speaking of Pikachu, take this quiz to know which kawaii Pokemon are you!

Kawaii plushies

Plush toys are almost always called kawaii. After all, they are supposed to look cute, as they are mostly intended for children. This quiz also features lots of great pictures of kawaii plushies to choose from! Let’s find out if you choose the cutest possible!

Kawaii animals

Small animals, especially baby animals, are also often considered kawaii. You’ll find plenty of these in this quiz as well!

If you want to see pictures of cute baby animals, head on to this quiz!

What makes something kawaii

While big round eyes, pastel colors, and fluffiness are commonly associated with being kawaii, the term goes beyond the superficial!

Kawaii is about embracing childlike innocence and finding joy in the simple things.

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How to be kawaii

From pastel colors and oversized bows, to frilly dresses and big-eyed makeup looks, kawaii fashion is all about creating a youthful and playful appearance.

Flower power: Discover your style with this fun quiz!

In terms of behavior, Kawaii culture values kindness, positivity and childlike innocence. So, embrace your inner child and don’t be afraid to show your enthusiasm for things that bring you joy.

What do your chosen colors say about your optimism or pessimism?

The kawaii concept

In Japan, cafes and restaurants that serve kawaii themed food have become a popular tourist attraction. From colorful pancakes to cute animal-shaped bento boxes, these dishes are almost too cute to eat.

Did that make you hungry? Take our quiz and find out what you should eat for your next meal!

Kawaii fashion is also known for its pastel colors, cute patterns, and playful accessories. And let’s not forget about the popular trend of decorating everyday items with adorable faces and designs.

The kawaii culture promotes positivity, happiness, and the celebration of all things cute.

Sayonara, boring names! Let our Japanese Name Generator give you a new kawaii identity.

In a world that can sometimes seem overwhelming and chaotic, it’s no wonder we are drawn to the lightheartedness and joy of kawaii!

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