How kawaii are you?

Have you ever asked yourself how kawaii or cute you are? Now the time has come to finally find out!

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Have you ever asked yourself how kawaii or cute you are? Well, now the time has come to find out how kawaii you truly are!

In this quiz, you’ll have to pick plenty of kawaii plushies, kawaii animals, kawaii sweets, and even kawaii colors! In the end, you’ll find out how kawaii you exactly are!

So exciting!

How cute are you?

In other words, let’s find out how cute you are!

I bet you’ve wondered a million times how kawaii or cute you are, right? Well, there’s only one way of finding out: Take the How kawaii are you? quiz right now!

What does kawaii mean?

The term kawaii stems from Japan and is mostly used to describe everything that is cute, adorable, lovable, charming, and maybe even vulnerable.

Great examples for kawaii things are, for example, Hello Kitty or Pikachu! But there are also lots of girls in Japan that consider themself being kawaii and try their best to appear as cute as possible.

Kawaii plushies

Plush toys are almost always called kawaii. After all, they are supposed to look cute, as they are mostly intended for children. This quiz also features lots of great pictures of kawaii plushies to choose from! Let’s find out if you choose the cutest possible!

Kawaii animals

Small animals, especially baby animals, are also often considered kawaii. You’ll find plenty of these in this quiz as well!