Quiz: What generation am I? Uncover your generational identity with our exciting quiz!

What generation am I?

Ever wondered which generational cohort you truly belong to? Chart the course of your experiences and traits with our thrilling quiz and discover your generational identity!

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What generation am I?

Ever find yourself that one step out of sync with everyone else, more Sinatra than Swift, or Snapchat over snail mail? Time to dig into the roots of your identity and discover where you really belong on the grand timeline of generations.

Does the charm lie in the chaos of cluttered typewriters, or the minimalism of a touchscreen? Let us lead you on a nostalgic path down memory lane and into the future, mapping out the quirks and traits that determine your generation!

The generations

These whirlwinds of eras each have their own beat. Let’s get acquainted with them! What separates a selfie-taker from an old soul who prefers penning penned letters?

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Gen Z

Known for bending traditions, Generation Z are the trailblazers of the digital age. Born in the time of tablets and TikToks, these tech-natives are known for their e-savviness, innovative thinking and a knack for creating viral content.

A breathtaking amalgam of creativity nurtured by technology, this generation is one that’s riding on the wings of rapid advancement. Advocates of inclusivity and change, Gen Z folks stand on the frontlines of social activism, leading movements about issues that matter.


Now we meet the Millennials, universally associated with everything avocado and passion for a purpose! Also known as Generation Y, these 80s and 90s kids have been leading the workforce and reshaping societal norms with their innovative ideas and love for the unconventional.

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Potential entrepreneurs in coffee shop corners, fueled by caffeine and dreams of a gig economy- that’s your typical Millennial picture! Social media veterans, they’re known for their iconic UFOS (Unironic Facebook Over-Sharing) and for reshaping the 9-to-5 grind.

Generation X

Enter Generation X: independent, resourceful and self-sufficient. Born during an era of shifting societal values, members of this generation learned the art of adaptability young, adept at riding waves of change.

Generation X, dubbed as the ‘MTV Generation’, brought forth a cultural revolution coloured by grunge music, iconic pop culture trends and really, really wide flared jeans! They link old world charm with a touch of modernity.

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Baby Boomers

And here we are, in the time of black and white TVs and Beatles mania- the Baby Boomers! Independent, exploratory and the pioneers of rock and roll, these folks came into their own during a time of cultural and political upheaval.

Jive music and post-war optimism defined this generation. They are the mavericks who heralded a wave of change, sowing the seeds of a world their future generations thrive in.

Who am I among these generations?

From grand tales of Woodstock commonplaces of the Baby Boomers to the Instagram feeds of Gen Z, where does your tale weave into the vast storyline of generations? Do your habits resemble the classic old-school charm of a Baby Boomer, or are they lit like a Gen Z?

Are you ready to discover your true generational roots? Dive into the world of our interactive quiz! Get ready to traverse through time, spaces, and habits - your answers might surprise you!

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Generational cohorts: The framework of our society

Each generation has molded and been molded by the zeitgeist of their time, becoming individual cogs in the grand wheel of progress. The road across the generational landscape is filled with unique experiences that have shaped who we are today, whether it be the cultural revolution of the Baby Boomers, the technological advancements of Gen X, the rise of social media with millennials, or the digital native life of Gen Z.

An individual’s generation can provide a backdrop to their values, motivations, and dreams. So, whether you’re spellbound by the walkman or can’t imagine life without the swipe-right culture, there’s a generation that speaks your language!

Ready to discover your generational identity?

Unsure if you are a techie at heart or a Baby Boomer in spirit? Maybe you are a Millennial mind in a Gen Z world? Settle your curiosity with this engaging quiz!

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Here’s to understanding the beats of our hearts, across decades and timelines. So buckle up and let’s get started - your generational identity is a quiz away! Who knows, you may just find out you’ve been a part of a completely different era all this while!

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