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Tea here, tea there - we’re all being rather merry about teas. And why not? Tea is serious business, but puns are just for fun. So grab your mug and pour yourself a nice warm cup of laughs!

Whether it’s the hot topic of heated discussion or a multi-purpose solution, tea is an integral part of worldwide society. And when you throw in some word play, it becomes even more integral to our funny bones!

Funny Tea Puns

If you’re looking for quali-tea puns for your next tea party, you’re in the right place because we have the funniest tea puns that will bring a smile to your face! Even if some of these tea puns may be cheesy, they’re still refreshing and will absolutely amuse you and all other tea drinkers!

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Take a look at these funny puns and see if they don’t get a smile from you!

1. Where do tea leaves get their hair done? The hair Ceylon.

I like going to the salon to pamper myself and having a cup of Ceylon tea!

2. This teabag keeps jumping out of the pot. It’s being feis-tea!

Don’t let good tea go to waste! Especially if it’s Earl Grey!

3. What did the tea bag say after listening to a long-winded story that it didn’t care about? “Cool story, brew,” it said.

We all have short attention spans! Get to the point!

4. What does a cup of tea get when it falls over? Brew-ses.

Bruises suck especially when they talk so long to fade.

5. My friends were arguing about what to order at the tea shop. I asked if we couldn’t all just all just get Oolong.

Let’s all drink our favorite hot beverage and just get along!

6. Do you know what’s inside the teachers’ facul-tea lounge?

I bet they get to drink lots of coffee and tea so that they stay up on their feet the whole day!

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7. What do mixed tea leaves do in a crowd? Try to blend in.

I can relate. Everyone wants to blend in and belong!

8. Let’s get this par-tea started!

Pick your poison! We’ve got boba, green tea, and all kinds of this leaf beverage for everyone!

9. It’s a brew-tea-ful day!

It’s nice to drink tea in a garden on a beautiful day!

10. Steep dreams!

I drink chamomile tea to get sleepy. Sweet dreams, everyone!

11. What do you get if you tell tea it’s coffee? Perplexi-tea.

But some types of tea have caffeine too!

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12. What does a teacup wear to homecoming? A tea-ara.

That’s right! If you want to wear a tiara, go ahead too!

13. Don’t be chai!

Even if you’re shy, you have nothing to worry about. Would you like some cup of chai? We all love that hot spicy drink!

14. There is nothing in the world that a person with strong mental-tea can’t fix.

That’s the tea spirit!

15. Why is lemonade so bad? Because it’s not-tea by nature.

Keep reading for more fun but truly awful jokes!

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Green Tea Puns

Drink green tea for its health benefits, and laugh at green tea puns to stay in a good mood! Enjoy a hearty laugh when you hear this list of awesome green tea puns that will make people green with envy!

Here are some of our best tea puns!

1. Why did the coffee tell the green tea to be quiet? It was being too chat-tea.

I drink tea to have some peace and quiet.

2. A cup of yerba became a sailor. As it came aboard the ship, the captain shouted, “Ahoy, ma-tea!”

Do sailors like drinking tea? Every journey in the sea begins with a single steep.

3. Someone offered me a nice cup of green tea, so naturally, I said yes, matcha-bliged!

Bless your heart! That’s polite of you!

4. This green tea was brewed by an angel. It’s a matcha made in heaven.

I love green tea! So, this is what heaven feels like!

5. I love you so matcha.

I love you so much too!

6. So little time, so matcha to do!

As long as I have my green tea matcha latte, I can power through everything!

7. There’s nothing more brewtiful than a nice cup of green tea.

You’re making me crave green tea!

8. You’re my matcha!

Don’t ever let me go! You’re so sweet!

9. I know I’ve had this green tea before. It’s giving me deja brew!

It must taste really good. That’s why you remember it.

10. What’s the opposite of green tea? Fat-tea.

They say green tea helps people lose weight, but it’s rude to call someone a fattie!

11. “Thanks for being my best-tea,” said the chai tea to the green tea.

Everyone should have a bestie they can rely on!

12. But first, green tea.

Some people like coffee. I need green tea to start my day.

13. A bunch of tea had an argument. The green tea walked away, but the boba decided to milk the situation.

I prefer walking away from a situation that won’t do me any good. Let’s not waste energy on negative things!

14. The green tea started an office job and got asked for hot water. “I don’t urn enough for that”, was its response.

I hope it didn’t get a bad review!

15. What’s a green tea favorite model? Chrissy Tea-gan!

Maybe they’ll get lots of baby tea leaves together!

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Bubble Tea Puns

If you’re looking for something else aside from iced coffee to satisfy your craving for sugary beverages, bubble tea is the perfect drink for you! Everyone loves their boba and tapioca pearls that go with it! Since bubble tea is so popular these days, it’s no wonder that there are many bubble tea puns available too!

Check out some of our favorite tea blend puns!

1. You’re pro-boba-ly right.

If you want me to agree with you, give me my boba tea first!

2. What does bubble tea say when it is being secretive? There’s nothing to tea here.

Nothing to see, folks! Let’s just relax and drink our tea!

3. This boba tea is unbelie-bubble!

This boba tea is so unbelievably delicious! Now, I know why people get addicted to their boba!

4. Hope you’re tapi-okay!

Let’s grab some tea together soon, okay?

5. What do you call a bubble tea that is missing its bubbles? Nudi-tea.

Bubble tea is not bubble tea without bubbles!

6. What does boba tea like to watch on TV? Gossip Pearl.

And who am I? That’s one secret I’ll never tell. You know you love me. XOXO, Gossip Pearl!

7. Pearls night out.

It’s a girls night out for getting our favorite blends! Get ready for the chat-tea side of life!

8. What do you call it when you get mango-flavored pearls and original tapioca pearls in the same boba? Bubble whammy!

Can I say it’s double trouble too? But I love it anyway!

9. What did the green tea say to the indecisive boba? Why can’t you milk up your mind?!

At some point, we all need to decide.

10. I’m totally cap-bubble of drinking something other than tea, I just don’t want to!

Don’t force it! Everything else is the wrong drink, trust me!

11. Picture your ideal boba tea combination.

Drinking boba tea with a fellow boba tea lover sounds good to me! Just try it for your next evening tea!

12. I’m feeling bobbly.

It must be that 1 liter of bubble milk tea that I just drank!

13. Which Star Wars character does bubble tea like best? Boba Fett!

Can’t wait to watch Boba Fett in his own TV show!

14. Why does bubble tea always win? Its pot luck.

Be bold and enjoy your afternoon tea.

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Bonus: Cute Tea Puns

Try these cute tea puns if you want to make someone find you witty and adorable. These are great for keeping the conversation flowing the next time you sit down for tea with someone! Enjoy these puns about tea!

1. Do you always drink tea? Because you’re so pre-tea!

Let’s share this one with al the flir-tea boys!

2. What kind of tea is good for breaking the ice? Flirt-Tea!

Flirting with someone while drinking tea sounds nice!

3. I like my tea like I like my men, hot and comforting.

I like how good tea and a good guy make me feel!

4. What do socially conscious people drink? LGB-Tea.

Be bold. Be proud. Be gay! And don’t forget to drink tea! Yes, I am your motivational speaker! (And yes, I’m even better than Yerba Maté.)

5. What drink do goalies hate? Penal-tea!

That one is for all the hockey players!

6. She’s taro-ble at gardening.

That’s because she keeps drinking tea rather than doing some actual gardening!

7. Caffeine-free tea brings out my inner tranquili-tea!

Namaste! We all want to find peace and balance in our lives.

8. I want daisies in my hair, green tea in my hand, and love in my heart.

Let’s live a beautiful life!

9. That’s really taro-fic!

Taro milk day is just what I need to make this day terrific!

11. Varie-tea is the spice of life!

I like discovering different kinds of tea!

12. Hello, is it tea you’re looking for?

Look no further! I have every type of tea under the sun!

13. The tea in a mini tea cup is such a cute-tea!

It’s so adorable!

14. I think we’re a pearl-fect fit for each other!

Let’s go to the tea factory together!

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