It's Big Brain Time! Find out how big your brain is! 🧠 Quiz

Big brain time: How big is your brain?

It's big brain time! Let's see how big your brain actually is!

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How big is your brain?

Have you ever wondered how big your brain actually is? Of course, only figuratively speaking, because almost every human brain is equally big. But with this intelligence test, you can find out how stupid … ahem … smart you really are! How big is your brain? Find it out with this astonishing big brain quiz!

Big brain time

No one is created equally. If you managed to achieve the best possible result in this quiz, don’t brag about it to your friends. Nobody likes show-offs. Try to help them achieve the same level of intellect as you. Tell them about what’s wrong or right. Make this world a better place with big brain time!

👉 We can determine how smart you are by the numbers you pick!

Will you be able to get the perfect result: Cosmic brain? If so, don’t forget to share your result with everybody you know!

Big brain meme

Of course, we all know why you’re here: You’re a fan of the big brain meme. Challenge yourself with this difficult quiz and find out if you’re also someone possessing a big brain.

Trivia quiz

We all love trivia quizzes, right? Take this quiz to test your knowledge, but don’t take it too seriously. There are some really tricky questions involved and some that only pop culture nerds can answer. So, obtaining the best possible result may be really difficult.

And take the results with a grain of salt. Some are quite insulting, but all in good fun. You’re probably not that dumb.

👉 How stupid are you? ðŸĪŠ Find out now how dumb you are! ðŸĪ“

IQ Test

This is not an actual IQ test. But it’s great fun, and if you manage to answer the majority of questions correctly, you can pat yourself on the shoulder because some are really not easy. But don’t cheat. It takes away all the fun of a trivia quiz, doesn’t it?

Minor tip

Psst! Since you really scrolled down this far, I have a minor tip for you. I lied about cosmic brain being the best result. It’s actually big brain, of course. Getting cosmic brain is the worst, actually. Are you able to answer every question so horribly wrong that you get this hidden result?

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