Quiz: Which Hogwarts character are you based on your perfect meal?

Create the perfect meal to find out which Hogwarts character you are!

Cook up a feast, pick your best-loved dishes, and let your choices reveal which Harry Potter character is your culinary kindred spirit!

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Connecting food and personalities

Ever thought of diving into a plate of your favorite food and discovering which Hogwarts character shares your culinary preferences? If the Great Hall’s magical ceiling could adjust to your mealtime whims, what might it reveal? Crucial, tasty decisions lie ahead, so prep yourself for an epicurean journey.

With a sprinkle of magic and a pinch of fun, enter our kitchen of enchantment, and let’s cook together an unforgettable feast!

Uncover your Hogwarts culinary twin

Your food choices can reveal a lot about you. Perhaps you’re fiercely dedicated like Hermione or generously compassionate like Hagrid. Craving sweet or savory? Decadent or simple? Every selection you make will tell us a bit more about who you are.

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We’re dishing up some classic meals, snacks, desserts, and drinks — every dish inspired by the magical universe of Harry Potter. Will you find kinship with steadfast characters like Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, or Ron Weasley? Or perhaps your choices will align with the complexities of Professor Dumbledore or the dark complexity of Professor Snape. Could you be quirky and unique like Luna Lovegood?

Are you brave or wise? Adventurous or friendly?

Do your food choices hint at Gryffindor’s bravery or Ravenclaw’s wit? Do you lean into the loyalty of Hufflepuff or the ambitious nature of Slytherin? To reveal this, click on your favorite dishes, and embark on this spellbinding culinary quest!

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Remember, there’s no right or wrong here, only fun times and yummy grub. Enjoy the preparation process, savor every bite, and discover your culinary-twin from Hogwarts!

Lay the feast

Alright fellow wizarding chefs, it’s time to pick your sumptuous selections. From start to finish, you’re crafting your perfect meal. Will it be a humble feast reminding you of the Weasley family table or an extravagant banquet reminiscent of the Great Hall’s Christmas spectacular?

As we journey through this culinary adventure, keep dreaming big! Let’s see if you prefer the classics or if your desire for the unexpected will lead the way.

Think of Hogwarts, think of food

A mouthwatering pumpkin pasty or a comforting mug of hot Butterbeer? Consider treacle tart, Harry’s favorite dessert, or a hearty Hogwarts’ feast staple like roast beef and Yorkshire pudding. Food preference varies from character to character, and we trust yours will reveal your Hogwarts counterpart.

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Deciding might seem tough—we get it! Each of our compiled dishes is nearly impossible to resist.

Reveal the magic

The time has finally come! Discover which iconic Harry Potter character mirrors your culinary preferences. Based on the magical meal you have crafted, who could you be?

Pull up your chair, get comfortable, and let’s reveal the magic! Whether you turn out to be a foodie Harry, a sensible Hermione, a loyal Ron, a wise Dumbledore, a complex Snape or an extraordinary Luna, remember – our Hogwarts culinary journey is all about fun, enjoyment, and the love of food! Let the magic unfold!

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