MTG Life Counter: Lotus
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Magic the Gathering Companion App - Life Counter, Dice, Game History and Timer.

Lotus is an all-around Magic the Gathering Companion app

Lotus helps Magic the Gathering players with these features:

The best MTG Life Tracker

We love Magic the Gathering! That’s why we’ve built Lotus.

Lotus supports life tracking for up to 6 players in the app. Supports custom starting health. You can choose a name and color for every player.

Additionally to life tracking, Lotus also supports tracking Poison, Energy, Storm and Experience counters.

Magic Game Version History

Lotus keeps a record of all the games you played. See when, how long, and who played against.

Lotus provides you detailed information on your past games. You can later check in which round each player has lost or gained life,or added Poison, Energy, Storm or Experience.

Battery-friendly MTG Companion

The app is designed to consume as little energy as possible. We use black as our main background color to keep your battery alive! In addition to that we don’t display any ads that consume battery either!

MTG Card Database and Rule Book

The app also includes a MTG card database to lookup any Magic card. Check card prices and legality. Searching is easy, fast and fun!

On top of that, Lotus offers an integrated rulebook in the app. You can read through the rulebook to settle disputes on how the stack works.

Free MTG Companion app

Lotus is completely free. No ads, no in-app purchases and no hidden fees. Just enjoy a fine game of Magic the Gathering!

We’d love your feedback!

If you have any form of feedback, please let us know! We want to improve, and with your help, we can make your new favorite Magic the Gathering life counter & companion app!

MTG Life Counter Player Feedback

I would love to hear your feedback. I’m always trying to improve and work in valuable feedback from the players that actually needs more features and have feedback. Just send me an email to:

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