Quiz: Your favorite emojis reveal how lazy you are!

Your favorite emojis reveal how lazy you are!

Your choice of emojis can reveal a lot about you. Even how sporty or lazy you are!

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This quiz can determine how lazy you are

Not everybody is born a sporting ace. To be frank, most of us prefer to lie around and just do nothing from time to time.

But how lazy exactly are you? Well, this quiz has an unorthodox way of finding out: By letting you choose between four different emojis, we can accurately determine how lazy you are!

How lazy am I?

That’s a good question. We’re all probably at least a little bit lazy. But laziness doesn’t necessarily mean bodily inactivity. Laziness can also mean a mental lack of activity. So, it’s up to you to decide in which way you’re lazy.

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But even if the result of this quiz tells you that you’re quite lazy, that shouldn’t get you down. Laziness is a matter of opinion. And as Bill Gates once allegedly claimed: Lazy people find the better and faster solutions to problems.

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