Quiz: Discover the Taylor Swift song that matches your life!

Which Taylor Swift song describes your life best?

Take this quirky quiz to find out if your life resonates more with 'Love Story' or 'Bad Blood'! An exciting way to explore your personality through the lens of Taylor Swift's hit songs!

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What is your Taylor Swift anthem?

Have you ever felt like a Taylor Swift song was written just for you? Maybe you’ve been through a situation similar to ‘We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together’ or you’re feeling as free-spirited as ‘22’. Either way, we bet there’s a Swiftie anthem that perfectly narrates your story!

Take this quiz and find out! Because hey, it’s much more fun to find out how closely your life parallels a Grammy-winning hit!

Why Taylor Swift you might ask?

Simple! Because her discography is a rollercoaster of emotion. Taylor Swift’s songs have seen us through the blossoming of first love to heartbreaks, from feeling invincible at 22 to dreading adulthood. Her music is a coming-of-age in itself, just like our journeys.

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There’s something for everyone in Taylor Swift’s songs, which is why they resonate with so many people. From high school romantics to folks battling bad blood, Swift’s discography spans a whole spectrum of experiences.

Breaking down the options

With a variety of songs to choose from, which one will define you best? Let’s break down the options!

“Love Story”

Are you a hopeless romantic longing for a magical love story? If your life feels like a romantic saga waiting for its happily ever after, you could be living the ‘Love Story.’


Feeling carefree and young, taking life one day at a time? If your life echoes the spontaneous spirit of being ‘22,’ maybe that’s your song.

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“Shake it Off”

Refusing to let negativity get to you and choosing happiness instead? The upbeat ‘Shake it Off’ might depict your life best.

“Blank Space”

Leading an intense emotional life, complete with passionate love and heartbreak? Your life might align with the hauntingly beautiful tale told in ‘Blank Space.’

“Bad Blood”

Had a fallout that left a permanent scar? You might relate with the pain and angst of ‘Bad Blood.’

“We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together”

Have you closed the door on an unhealthy relationship for good? This sassy breakup anthem could be narrating your story!


Navigating through the highs and lows of a new romance? You might find echoes of your life in ‘Delicate.’

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Doing things that scare you but feeling fearless in the face of love? Your life could be a testament to being ‘Fearless.’


Experiencing intense love that’s full of passion and heartache? ‘Red’ could be the soundtrack to your life.

“You Belong With Me”

In love with your best friend but they’re with someone else? Your story might perfectly align with ‘You Belong With Me’.

Time to discover your song!

So which among these award-winning hits narrates your life’s story the best? Is it a tale of dreamy romance, an ode to new beginnings, or a tear-jerking ballad of lost love?

Time to dive into the exciting world of Swift’s anthems and decode the ultimate soundtrack to your life!

Reflecting through Music

Using music as a mirror to reflect on our lives can be a fun and introspective experience. This is particularly true when it comes to Taylor Swift’s music, which has a well-known reputation for being highly personal and relatable.

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The beauty of her songs is that they’re designed to be universal - to reach out to anyone who’s felt love, heartache, joy, fear, or even just the feeling of being 22! So, are you ready to discover which Taylor Swift song you live by?

It is time to get into the Swiftie spirit. Let the music play, and the quiz begin! Who knows? You might just end up with a new theme song for your life!

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