Quiz: Discover Your Sword Art Online Rival!

Which Sword Art Online character would be your arch-enemy?

Calling all SAO fans! Are you more likely to face-off against a powerful guild leader? Find out who your anime adversary would be!

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Screen mirrors or real foes?

Ever wondered who in the Sword Art Online universe you’d butt heads with most? In the world where games, real lives, and death unite, you never know where your greatest foe lurks.

Let’s not wait any longer.

Level up your knowledge of your own character by facing your fictional rival!

Here’s a quest for you – this personality quiz will pin you against the most aligned SAO antagonist.

A duel to remember with Sword Art Online characters

Get ready for an epic showdown to remember!

Stunning boss battles, impeccable tactics, and captivating conflicts make the pulse-pounding confrontations in Sword Art Online beyond ordinary.

👉 Quiz: Find out your anime arch-enemy!

Have you ever considered where you would fit in these showdowns?

From the brave swordsman Kirito, the charming guild leader Asuna, to the sinister figure of Death Gun, choose your answers wisely to reveal who would be your toughest match.

Perhaps you may find common ground with more friendly faces like Klein and Leafa, or be drawn into the complex web of Sinon’s loyalty.

What about your Sword Art Online best friend? Find out who it is here!

Sword-fighting skills at the ready!

With a vast array of skills and fighting styles across the series, where would your own prowess lie?

Cleaving through enemies with Kirito’s daring swordplay or perhaps the tactical keenness that Sinon’s sniping requires?

How strong are you? Which animal could you beat in a fistfight?

Whether it’s Asuna’s fast and furious rapier skills,* Klein’s samurai styled offences, or Leafa’s sylph magic and swordplay combination that catches your eye, consider your own strength as you dive headlong into this quiz.

Who is laughing at the other side of the screen?

Do you recognize yourself in any of the SAO characters?

Is there someone wearing a sinister grin on their avatar’s face, while their real-life counterpart revels behind the screen, who reminds you of your own darker side?

This Rorschach test will reveal your darkest secret!

Strategy, strength, or spirit – What triumphs?

Is it raw power, strategic genius, or the unyielding spirit that forges a true warrior in SAO’s deadly game?

Each character has their unique strengths that test their opponents’ limits. But where would your rival’s most lethal weapon lie?

Battle-hardened Kirito, resourceful Asuna, relentless Death Gun, cheerful Klein, formidable Leafa, or resolute Sinon – who would push you to your absolute limit and make for a thrilling confrontation?

Choose your battle and seize the day!

With the stage set, your weapon ready, and your rival revealed, will you rush headlong into the battle, or strategize and seize the day?

The land of Aincrad awaits, teeming with labyrinthine levels and formidable foes, each more challenging than the last. The moment of truth is here!

Ready to discover your potential rival within the Sword Art Online universe?

Brace yourself as your step into the world of Aincrad, journey through the amber-hued plains, ethereal dungeons and lofty towers of this perilous reality.

And always remember, to survive in SAO, you’ll need more than just weapons, spells, or sheer will.

You’ll need friends by your side and a clear understanding of your true enemy.

Now, let the adventure begin!

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