Which musical instrument should I play?

You want to become a musician but don't know what musical instrument to play? We're here to help you out with this engaging quiz!

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Which musical instrument should I play?

So, you’re wondering which musical instrument would suit best to you? I can totally understand that that’s a challenging and daunting question. Most musical instruments are quite expensive, so it’s good advice to think twice before buying. Most of the time, the best choice for an instrument is the first that came to your mind. That musical instrument that got your heart pumping when you think of playing it. But if that’s not an option for you or you don’t know which musical instrument you want to play, but you’re sure that you want to make music, this quiz is perfect for you! If you’re not happy with your result, just redo the quiz! There are plenty of possible results!

Should I take music lessons?

It depends on several things, whether you should take lessons or not. What do you want to achieve by making music? Do you want to master your instrument, or are you okay with being just an amateur and want to have some fun? A teacher can give you great input, but that also depends on who they are. And some people are better learners on their own. Furthermore, a teacher costs money. No one can take that decision off of you, so think twice and ask yourself what you want to achieve.

Which musical instrument is the best?

A highly subjective question! You should rather ask yourself: “Which musical instrument is best for me?” So, it depends. Do you want to play in a rock band, become a solo musician, or want to play in an orchestra? Which sound do you like most? Ask yourself such questions, and you will most likely find out! Or just take this quiz!

Musical instruments for kids

Studies have shown that it’s highly beneficial not just for adults but especially for kids to learn a musical instrument. Most of the time, it’s best for kids to start with something basic and nothing too extravagant. A piano, a guitar, or a flute are good choices. But that’s also simply a question of money. Take this quiz with your kid to get significant input!

Becoming a musician

If you’ve always dreamed of becoming a musician, this quiz is perfect for you. Becoming a musician is the life goal of a lot of people. It can be challenging, it can be tough, but most of the time, it’s fulfilling, even though it’s a lot of hard work!

Be honest: Who do you want to impress with being a musician?

  1. Girls/boys (whatever you prefer).
  2. My parents.
  3. Myself.
  4. Everybody.

You messed up your solo. What do you do?

  1. Act as if it was intended.
  2. Shrug and giggle.
  3. Go bright red with shame.
  4. Won’t happen because I’d never ever play a solo!

Do you already have some musical knowledge?

  1. Yes, I already play an instrument and am able to read notes!
  2. Yes, but I’m still a beginner when it comes to instruments.
  3. A little.
  4. No, not at all.

Imagine yourself as a professional musician. Describe yourself.

  1. I’m part of a band.
  2. I’m part of an orchestra.
  3. I’m a solo musician.
  4. I don’t know.

What are your goals regarding your musical instrument?

  1. I want to master it.
  2. I just want to have some fun with it.
  3. I want to play in a band!
  4. I don’t know.

How far would you go to achieve your goals?

  1. I would work my ass off!
  2. Don’t know, just a little.
  3. I’d probably do nothing.
  4. I don’t have any goals in life.

What would you rather be?

  1. Star of the show
  2. Supporting
  3. Both
  4. I don’t know.

Learning to play a musical instrument can be very challenging. Are you up for it?

  1. There is no challenge big enough!
  2. I’m a little bit scared to give up, but I will try my best.
  3. I don’t want to learn a hard one.
  4. I just want to dabble at playing an instrument. I don’t want to be particularly good or anything!

How would you preferably play the musical instrument of your dreams?

  1. With my fingers.
  2. I’d like to hit it.
  3. With my breath.
  4. I don’t know.

What smells best?

  1. Roses
  2. Books
  3. Gasoline
  4. Beer
  5. Money
  6. Pizza
  7. Summer rain
  8. Sea breeze

Why do you want to play a musical instrument?

  1. It seems fun!
  2. I’ve always dreamed about it, and now the time has come!
  3. I’m forced to.
  4. I already play a musical instrument, but I want another one!

Which deadly sin would you most likely have?

  1. Gluttony
  2. Lust
  3. Greed
  4. Wrath
  5. Sloth
  6. Envy
  7. Pride
  8. All of them!
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  1. Guitar

    Shred it!

    The guitar is an excellent instrument for beginners with a lot of potential. You can play classical, electric guitar, and so on. You can become a rhythm guitarist in a band or the star of the show as the solo guitarist. The possibilities are almost endless!

  2. Bass

    Deep and funky sounds!

    The bass may often be part of the furniture because his brother, the guitar, is chosen more often. But no rock band could exist without the deep sounds of an electric bass. Together with the drums, the bass is the backbone of every band.

    But maybe you're more the contrabass guy? That's no problem at all! You can still play in a band or even in an orchestra if you wanted to! But keep in mind that a contrabass is huge!

  3. Ukulele

    Sweet and small!

    The ukulele is often called a baby-guitar because of how small and cute it is. But a ukulele is perfect for everybody who's often on the road or likes the tropical sound it produces.

    Ukuleles are often chosen by solo musicians who also sing because they can perish in the massive sound of a band. But if your portemonnaie is small and you want to start with something, a ukulele may be the perfect match for you, because some are really keen!

  4. Banjo


    Banjos have a really distinctive sound and are a lot of fun to play. You can be a solo musician or be part in a bluegrass band. You can play it with your fingers, a pick or with the clawhammer technique.

    It may appear like a normal guitar taped to a drum, but that's not true. Normal banjos have a completely different tuning and five strings. But there are also banjos built like guitars. So, if you're a guitar player who wants his instrument to sound like a banjo but don't want to learn banjo, that's also an option for you!

  5. Piano

    Tickle the ivories!

    The piano is an excellent instrument to start out, especially if you want to learn music theory basics. But even for established musicians, it can be very beneficial! Especially for song-writing purposes!

    The only problem may be that a real piano is costly. But there are still stage pianos and keyboards, which aren't as pricey and, especially the latter, is perfect for beginners and even kids!

  6. Drums


    The drums are perfect if you've got a great sense of rhythm or want to achieve that. No band would be the same without percussions! But at the same time, if the drummer sucks, the band sucks as well. So it's a big responsibility, but a fulfilling one!

    A huge downside is that drums are very loud and costly. Playing at home may get you in trouble with your neighbors. But there are also e-drums! Or maybe you have the option to play in a rehearsal room or something!

  7. Vocals

    Use your voice!

    Being a vocalist can be very beneficial. First of all, it may be a lot cheaper than buying an instrument. Second, your instrument is always with you. And there are plenty of ways how you could sing!

    But many people don't like the idea of singing because of a lack of self-confidence or because they just don't want to sing. But there are plenty of ways of using your voice as a musical instrument. You could beatbox, be part of a choir, or whatever.

  8. Violin

    Very classy!

    The violin is a lovely musical instrument because almost everybody can enjoy its soothing sound. But you can even play more aggressively with a pizzicato. You can be part of an orchestra with a violin, but also a band. The possibilities are enormous! And if you don't want to play the violin because it produces too high notes, try a cello or even a contrabass!

    A downside may be that all these musical instruments are quite pricey!

  9. Trombone

    A very fun way to play!

    The trombone is a lovely instrument with a very mellow sound. Personally, I love it to pieces, even though I can't play it.

    With a trombone, you can be part of a brass band, orchestra, or even jazz- or ska-band! And somehow, everybody loves people who play the trombone!

  10. Harmonica


    A harmonica is probably one of the most amazing musical instruments to play, even though it might seem very ordinary. It's easy to pick up because there are a lot of keen ones out there. And the best thing about the harmonica is that you can always have it with you because of its size.

  11. Harp


    The harp is a significant instrument that produces sounds like out of a fairy tale. When someone plays the harp, it's always a sight to see and a treat for the ears.

    It's a huge musical instrument that needs a lot of space and may be a bit costly, though!

  12. Accordion

    An often underestimated instrument!

    When you hear an accordion play, you immediately think of pirates, gypsies, or maybe even of Russia! The sound of an accordion is very distinctive and memorable. A lot of people love it! And it's a lot of fun to play!

  13. Triangle


    Well, maybe not what you intended, right? But hold on. Why should you start playing the triangle, especially as a beginner?

    First of all, it's affordable and very easy to pick up.

    Second, you can become better with your rhythm.

    Third, people find the triangle hilarious. If you're able to play it like a madman, imagine how cool that would be!

  14. Oboe

    Fairy tale sounds!

    An oboe is an amazing woodwind instrument. It's sound is soothing and very lovely. Oboes are quite costly though, so maybe not the right choice if you're not sure about your decision.

  15. Bagpipe

    Toot, toot!

    Bagpipes are very interesting woodwind instruments, fed from a constant reservoir of air in the form of a bag. It's a very old instrument too, maybe having even ancient origins.

    A very good thing about bagpipes: They are actually quite affordable! Your neighbors may hate you, though, because a bagpipe is quite loud, and its strident sound may be annoying to some.

  16. Kazoo

    Especially for kids!

    The kazoo is quite an interesting and affordable musical instrument. Especially if your kid wants to learn to play an instrument, buying a kazoo won't do any harm because there are very cheap ones out there.

    Even singer-songwriter sometimes choose to use them! But keep in mind that a lot of people find the sound of a kazoo very annoying!

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