Quiz: Which Magical Creature From Harry Potter Are You?

Which magical creature from Harry Potter are you?

Step into the wizarding world and discover your magical double! Are you a majestic unicorn or a mischievous niffler? Dive in and find out now!

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Which magical creature from the Harry Potter universe are you?

Ever wondered if you could be an enchanting unicorn or a peculiar boggart lurking in the shadows? In the magical world that J.K. Rowling created, we find a diverse range of creatures, each brimming with unique traits and mystic abilities.

So, are you ready to discover your magical alter ego? Get your wands at the ready and broomsticks on standby, it’s time to plunge into the magical whirlpool of the Harry Potter universe!

What is a Magical Creature?

Before we get down to business, let’s break down what we mean by ‘magical creatures’. In the Harry Potter universe, magical creatures are beings endowed with magical abilities and characteristics. They stem from various realms, and some are even considered mythical or legendary in the Muggle world.

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The phoenix, a bird of fire and utter brilliance. Known for their immortality, phoenixes cyclically burn up and are reborn from their ashes. They symbolize renewal and are revered for their healing abilities. If a phoenix features in your results, you might just be as resilient and radiant as this flaming bird.


Unicorns, arguably the most famed mystical beings around! These proud creatures are symbols of purity and grace. If you’re a unicorn, it says volumes about your integrity and modest charm.


Ah, the pesky but irresistibly loveable niffler! Obsessed with shiny objects, these platypus-like creatures could sniff out hidden treasures in a jiffy. If a niffler pops up in your results, you’re likely naturally inquisitive and filled with childlike curiosity.

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Half eagle, half horse - meet the Regal Hippogriff! These creatures demand respect but are fiercely loyal once you’ve gained their trust. You might be a Hippogriff if you value respect and loyalty above everything else.


Introducing Boggarts, the shapeshifting mischief-makers of the magical world! They transform into their viewer’s worst fears. To be a boggart suggests that you’re adaptable and versatile, albeit a tad bit mischievous.


House-elves, steadfast and diligent. They might be small in size, but their loyalty is unprecedented. Their results could imply a helpful personality with a hint of selflessness.


Merpeople, aquatic beings with a steely resolve. Living in underwater communities, they’re often mysterious and elusive. Bearing resemblance to them suggests a mysterious persona with an independent spirit.

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Lastly, the noble, misunderstood thestrals. Only visible to those who have witnessed death, they represent acceptance. You might mirror a thestral if you’re mysterious, perceptive, and compassionate towards others.

So, what’s your magical double?

With a spell-binding mix of magical creatures in the wizarding world, each bearing distinct traits and abilities, it’s irresistible not to ponder which one you resonate with most. Are you as free and untamed as a Thestral, or as fascinating and elusive as a Merpeople?

Set ready your magic wand, let loose your imagination, and step right into our enchanted quiz! Who knows, atop the tallest towers of Hogwarts, or in the underground vaults of Gringotts, your magical alter ego might just be waiting for its reveal.

Get set and cast your spell now, for the magic is merely a quiz away!

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Remember, “It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live” - but tonight, we are living the dreams! So jump into this quest and find out which magical creature from Harry Potter’s magical universe you could be!

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