Quiz: Which deadly sin are you? Find out now!

Which deadly sin are you?

Sinfully tempting, our quiz is ready to reveal your dark side! Embark on a satisfyingly scandalous journey and explore which of the seven deadly sins describe you best!

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Which deadly sin are you?

Are you an innocent angel, or do you flirt with the devil once in a while? Everyone has an inner darkness that occasionally slips into our actions and decisions. In the form of the seven deadly sins – Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Sloth, Wrath, Envy, and Pride – we all express our little naughtiness differently.

Put your virtue to the test by leaning into your shadow side! Take this quiz, discover your dominant deadly sin, and learn more about your titillating tendencies!

Breaking down the seven deadly sins

Welcome to Sin City! Here’s a quick rundown on the infamous seven. They’re old as time, dictated by various religious and philosophical systems, and still alive and kicking, influencing our behaviour and ethical choices today.

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Total heart-throb or hopeless romantic? Be aware: you might be led by Lust! Marked by intense desire and longing, Lust is more than just sexual fascination. It can take several forms, from overwhelming desire for someone’s affection to an insatiable need for specific experiences.

Can’t resist the chase, passionate, and occasionally borderline obsessive? You may embody Lust. But hey, it’s not necessarily a bad thing. After all, who said love couldn’t be aggressive and consuming, right?


Is your love for cheeseburgers bordering on sinful? Welcome to the realm of Gluttony! This sin is all about excessive consumption, primarily food and drink. However, Gluttony can extend to an insatiable desire for anything—time, attention, material goods, you name it.

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From overindulgent foodies to attention-seekers, consider whether your inner Glutton is running the show. But remember, [your name], who doesn’t love a good feast now and then?


Money on your mind all the time? Say hello to Greed, your potential shadow partner. Characterised by an unending desire for wealth, power, or possessions, Greed can lead individuals down a path of single-minded pursuit, sometimes at the expense of other important aspects of life.

Now, is your heart set on another pair of designer shoes or that flashy sports car? Greed, by nature, is consuming, but it is also a powerful driver of ambition. Tread carefully, though, as unchecked greed can lead to downfall.


Feel like life’s moving too fast while you lounge in your comfy bed? Pull back the covers—it’s Sloth! Known as the sin of laziness and indifference, Sloth signifies a lack of interest or effort in fulfilling duties, both spiritual and mundane.

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Are you an undisputed champion of procrastination, or do you often disregard your responsibilities? Sloth might be sneaking around. Yet, let’s not forget, even the most diligent need their beauty rest.


Passionate to the point of fury? Meet Wrath, the explosive sin. Wrath, or anger, refers to strong vengeful emotions that can result in destructive behaviour.

Short-tempered? Snap at the slightest provocation? Wrath may be your hidden fiend. However, scary as it may seem, wrath can also be a catalyst for fighting injustice and standing up for what’s right.


Ever wished you had what others do and found it hard to feel happy for them? Voila! You’ve found Envy! Envy is the desire to possess what others have, be it their relationships, possessions, or qualities.

If you find yourself always comparing yourself with others, Envy may be your journey companion. But remember, even if envy can lead to resentment and bitterness, it can also inspire you to strive for more.

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Are you someone who basks in self-admiration and considers themselves superior to others? Step into the spotlight, Pride! The most dangerous and subtle of sins, Pride risks isolating people due to an inflated sense of self-worth or excessive self-focus.

If you’re finding it hard to see beyond your reflection, Pride may be pulling your strings. Still, a little self-love in this challenging world is absolutely essential!

Who will you be in the realm of seven deadly sins?

Navigating through the dark depths of our personality, each deadly sin can provide a captivating insight into our hidden selves. Are you Lust with your intense passions, Gluttony with your insatiable desires, Greed with your everlasting thirst for more, Sloth with your laid-back nature, Wrath with your fiery temperament, Envy with your comparative mindset, or Pride with your unwavering confidence?

This thrilling personality quiz is here to illuminate your path to sinful self-discovery!

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The seven deadly sins: A dip into pop culture

The seven deadly sins have been drawn upon repeatedly throughout literature, film, and television, becoming complex character archetypes and compelling plot devices.

From fairy tales like Snow White with the Evil Queen’s Envy to the greed of the dwarves in The Hobbit, and the wrath of Achilles in The Iliad, these sins have peppered narratives across epoch and genre. Let’s not forget the thrilling anime series, The Seven Deadly Sins, centred around these fascinating negative traits of the human personality.

While they may be grouped under ‘sins’, they also reflect our normal human desires and emotions, serving as reminders of our flaws and the challenges we face.

So what’s your sinful persona?

As you stand at the doorway to your darker self, are you excited to discover your sin? Dive into our morally magnificent quiz and walk out with a fresh understanding of your personality. See which one of the seven deadly sins you embody, and maybe even have a cheeky smirk at your result!

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Go on, give into temptation! Perhaps you truly are the angel you believe yourself to be, or maybe there’s a devilish streak hidden within. Either way, remember: every saint has a past, and every sinner has a future.

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