Which animal were you in a previous life? Take the quiz now!

Which animal were you in a previous life?

“What animal am I?” is a question that everyone entertains. Feed the curiosity and find out what animal you were in a previous life!

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Which animal were you in a previous life?

Have you ever been up past midnight and suddenly thought to yourself, “Hmm, I wonder what animal am I?” Well, you’re in luck!

It’s not uncommon to entertain the idea that our human soul had come from somewhere, so why not an animal? After all, if there are people that hold a belief in life after death, then having an immortal soul through reincarnation shouldn’t seem that far-fetched.

Take this quiz now to find out which animal you were in a previous life!

Animals and humans

Animals and humans have always had a close relationship. In some cultures, animals are revered as totems or gods. In others, they’re seen as more of a nuisance. But even if you don’t think you have a particularly special bond with animals, there’s still a chance that you were one in a previous life.

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Think about it – we have a vast majority of similar characteristics to animals. We both feel pain, love, and fear. We get jealous, we play, and we grieve when our loved ones die. We are both social creatures that live in families or groups. So it’s not surprising that people often feel a special connection to certain animals.


The belief that we have all lived before – and will live again – is called reincarnation. Transmigration of souls (the movement of a soul into another body after death) is a concept that’s been around for centuries, and this cycle of existence is still a popular belief today.

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The study of reincarnation is called reincarnation research. While there is no scientific study or evidence of reincarnation that proves that a soul transmigrates, there are some interesting cases where a person claims to remember their past life.

So what does this have to do with animals? First and foremost, people believe that there is the existence of souls in animals.

With this, some people believe that we can be reincarnated as an animal if we haven’t done enough good in our previous lives. Or, if we have a special connection to an animal in our current life, it’s possible that we were that animal in a previous life.

Have you ever felt like you had a strong connection to a certain animal? Do you feel like there are some animal behaviors that you somehow adapted? Do you have a favorite animal that you feel drawn to? If so, it’s possible that you were that animal in a previous life.

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