Quiz: What kind of Lego character would you be?

What kind of Lego character would you be?

Are you a bravura Batman or a chilled-out Unikitty? Let's find out what imaginative Lego world character are you with our playful quiz!

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What kind of Lego character would you be?

Have you ever wandered through the imaginative world of Legos and wondered, “Which quirky character am I most like?” With epic heroes, vibrant characters, and storied villains aplenty, there’s truly a Lego character for everyone.

Do you find yourself drawn to the witty humor of Batman or the candid optimism of Emmet Brickowski? Perhaps the rebellious attitude of Wyldstyle aligns with your own, or the peppy randomness of Unikitty has always attracted your attention. Time to find out with our colorful Lego character quiz!

Unleashing your Lego personality!

Let’s build the adventure together! With characters ranging from super-heroes, aliens, classic builders, to corporate titans, Lego has been delighting young and old alike for decades now. It’s more than just a beloved toy - it’s a multiverse brimming with delightful characters and enthralling plots!

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Wielding Batman’s explosive bat-gadgets or commanding Lord Business’ corporate empire might seem like child’s play, but these characters stand out for their distinct personalities that resonate with us. Are you ready to align your persona with your inner Lego soul-mate? Let’s Lego!

Know your Lego characters

Lego has invented so many fascinating characters. But for the sake of simplicity, we’ve focused on the ones from The Lego Movie! Here they are:


The night scene has never looked better (or been safer!) with Lego Batman on duty. This iconic mini-fig embraces his dark, brooding personality with a side of fantastic humor. If you value justice and aren’t afraid to show your playful side after dark, our dear Batman might just be your Lego spirit animal.

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Despite her carefree and glittery nature, Unikitty has the heart of a lioness when it matters. Balancing endless positivity with a fierce commitment to her friends, she’s the elegant and dainty princess-turned-big cat with a switch-flip temper. If your sunny disposition frequently saves the day, you might be Unikitty in a LEGO world.

Emmet Brickowski

Hello, Mr. Ordinary turned extraordinary! Emmet Brickowski is just your run-of-the-mill, super optimistic construction worker who ends up saving the Lego universe. His transformation from an average Joe to a hero is pure inspiration. If you have a knack for defying expectations, you might relate to Emmet!


Wyldstyle, aka Lucy, is a free-spirited master builder with versatile hair, a spirit for independence, and a fearless loftiness. Her role shows that sometimes, it takes a little rebellion to make big changes. If you’re not afraid to push boundaries and stand up for what you believe in, Wyldstyle might be your Lego doppelgänger.

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Benny the Spaceman

Is your head always in the stars? Enter Benny, the passionate, spacecraft loving spaceman. His enthusiasm is contagious, and his single-minded love for building spaceships makes him an unforgettable character. If you’re a daydreamer with a fascination for the great beyond, you might find a kindred spirit in Benny.

Lord Business

Lord Business is the ultimate manifestation of order and monotony, with a hidden dash of disco fever. Behind the suit and tie, this villain-turned-hero has a love for order and a soft spot for a good dance-off. If you appreciate good organization but also know how to let loose, Lord Business could be your Lego silhouette!

So, which Lego character are you?

Whether you’re saving the universe or just trying to get through a normal day, there’s a Lego character for that! Are you ready to discover which colorful, blocky persona you embody with our entertaining and whimsical quiz?

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Whether you end up as a brooding bat vigilante, a positivity-bursting unicorn kitty, or an ordinary hero, remember - it’s all about embracing your unique personality and having fun! So, let’s jump into the vibrant world of Legos and unveil your imaginative identity. Let’s build a good time together!

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