Shrek quiz: What are you doing in my swamp?

Shrek quiz: What are you doing in my swamp?

You don't know what you're doing in the swamp!? Are you a spy sent by Farquaad? Take this quiz and find out why you're in Shrek's swamp!

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What are you doing in my swamp?

You’ve suddenly found yourself surrounded by pools of water, plants, and stinky air. You’re in the swamp! But off in the distance, you see a weird green man approaching you, which is smelling like onions: Shrek! Quick, why are you in his swamp!?

Think fast! If you don’t think of a good reason as to why you’re in another man’s territory, you’re dead! You really seem to be struggling with this, and to help with that; this quiz will assist you in figuring out why exactly you’re here!

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Maybe you got lost, or perhaps you have hidden intentions. Are you a spy sent by Lord Farquaad?

Take this quiz and figure out the answer to this mysterious question to save your life!


Shrek is a 2001 Dreamworks animated comedy film. It is the first installment in the Shrek franchise and has several sequels. Join Shrek, the ogre, on his adventure to save the feisty princess; accompanying him is the loveable Donkey! However, one short stubby man stands in the way. Lord Farquaad.

The film was a critical and commercial success, grossing $484 million against its $60 million budget. It received positive reviews from critics and won various awards, including the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature.

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But why are you still reading? Get out of my swamp and take the quiz already!

Shrek meme

Shrek has become quite a meme with his famous quote, “What are you doing in my swamp?” It’s often used to describe someone who is feeling invaded or attacked.

But who can blame such a person? It’s a no-no to invade another person’s territory without permission! And that’s exactly what you’re doing if you can’t think of a good reason for being in the swamp.

So, to help you out, we’ve created this quiz. It’ll give you a hand in trying to remember why you’re here. And who knows? Maybe you really are a spy sent by Lord Farquaad!

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Get out of my swamp!

What are you still doing here!? Take the quiz to get out of my swamp!


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