Rice Purity Test: How pure are you?

Find out now how pure and innocent you are with the Rice Purity Test! Do you dare to find out? Take it now!

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Rice Purity Test

Have you ever asked yourself how pure you are compared to other people? Actually, a lot of people ask themself this very question!

Well, there’s a test for that! It’s called the Rice Purity Test, and it’s been around since 1922.

The Rice Purity Test is a list of 100 questions about your innocence. The questions range from things like “Have you ever drank alcohol in a non-religious context?” to very intimate questions.

What is the Rice Purity Test?

With the Rice Purity Test, you’re able to see how innocent you are in different areas of life. The questions are divided into different categories, such as innocence in thoughts, innocence in words, and innocence in deeds.

This test is the most fun if you’re doing it simultaneously with friends! It can be really interesting to see how your innocence scores match up.

How pure are you?

By taking our Rice Purity Test, you can find out how innocent and pure you are. The test is easy to take and only takes a few minutes. Plus, it’s completely free!

So what are you waiting for? Take the Rice Purity Test now and see how you score!

Innocence test

Many people also refer to the Rice Purity Test as an innocence test. This is because the majority of the questions are about innocence in thoughts, words, and deeds.

The innocence test can be a fun way to see how you compare to your friends in terms of innocence. It’s also a great way to start conversations about things that may have never come up before!

Rice Purity Test 2022

The Rice Purity Test for 2022 is now available! This updated version is even more accurate than the previous one and will help you to see how pure you are in today’s world.

The Rice Purity Test is a great way to measure your innocence. If you’re looking for a fun and easy way to do so, this is the test for you!

Rice Purity Test score meaning

So, you now know your score. But what does it actually mean, and how pure are you compared to others?

Here’s a quick guide to understanding your score:

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