Quiz: Your word choice can tell what you're missing in life!

Your word choice can tell what you're missing in life!

Everybody's missing something in their life. But what are you missing? The words you pick in this quiz will reveal it!

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Meaning of life

The search for the meaning of life occupies almost every human being –especially the personal meaning of life.

Many wonder what they should do with their lives. Many also wonder what they are missing in life and why they are not happy. And these are all good questions, but you always have to find the answer to them on your own.

But you are not all alone; this quiz here will help you out of this difficult life situation and answer this tricky question: What is missing in my life to be happy?

However, this much should be said right away: Every person must find their meaning of life for themself.

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What am I missing in life?

Every person is missing something in life. Even people who seem to have everything have hidden desires and often feel worse than many think.

This quiz here analyzes the words you’re drawn to, to end up telling you what else you need in your life to be happy.

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