What's your smelly cheese personality!

Which type of smelly cheese are you?

Did you ever wonder which cheese mirrors your personality? Take our quiz and find your cheesy alter ego!

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Say Cheese: Let the fun begin!

Cheese, with all its variety and smells, has more personality than one might think.

Cheese is truly a food that keeps on giving.

From a pungent, stinky bishop to a classily rich blue cheese, there’s a whole world out there beyond your routine cheddar and mozzarella.

Feeling Gouda? Let’s get started.

Dive into this cheese-malicious quiz and find out which smelly cheese you are!

The irresistible smells of cheese

Cheese smells can turn heads around!

Some flavors are sharp and strong, like parmesan, while others are light and delicate, like Brie.

Much like our distinct personalities, every cheese has its unique smell, flavor, and texture.

👉 Create your perfect salad and we'll determine your spirit vegetable!

Whether you’re crafting the ultimate cheese board or experimenting with a new recipe, cheese can steal the show.

And what better way to celebrate this food than by finding out which cheese is your alter ego?

Are you strong and punchy like Gorgonzola?

Unapologetic, strong, and punchy, gorgonzola steals the limelight with its unmistakable personality.

If you’ve always admired people who are unafraid to make bold statements, then you might relate to this Italian treat.

We’ll guess your typical coffee order here!

Perhaps you’re as captivating and full of character as a slice of gorgonzola?

The classic taste of cheddar

Cheddar, a dependable classic, is a cheese enjoyed by many for its mild flavor and versatility.

Do you have a soothing and reassuring personality that makes people feel at home?

Much like cheddar, you could be the person who brings comfort to others with your presence.

Could Brie be your cheesy alter ego?

Brie, the cheese world’s symbol of sophistication, might be the match for those fond of the finer things in life.

Its delectable creaminess has won the hearts of food connoisseurs, much like how your refined, tasteful personality attracts the discerning ones.

The cheesy royalty: Blue cheese and parmesan

Blue cheese and parmesan are undeniably the royalty of the cheese universe.

Do you have a commanding presence that can’t be ignored?

What color are you?

Then perhaps, you could either be a blue cheese, unique and complex, or a parmesan, sophisticated yet comforting.

The enigma: Stinky bishop

The stinky bishop, named Britain’s smelliest cheese, is nothing short of an enigma.

If you love to defy norms and enjoy the element of surprise, you might just identify with this cheese.

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Don’t forget, behind the off-putting smell lies a surprisingly soft and fruity treat.

Are you similar in your tough exterior but with a soft heart?

Are your taste buds tingling yet?

So, are you ready to embark on this cheesy journey?

Whether you’re a cheese fanatic or just looking for a fun quiz, this is your chance to explore and embrace the wonderful world of cheeses.

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Let the quiz begin, my friends!

Remember, there’s no wrong or strong cheese, just like there’s no good or bad personality.

Everything, and everyone, has a flavor of their own. So, let’s celebrate our uniqueness, one cheese at a time!

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