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Which The Office character are you?

Find out now which funny character of The Office you are!

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The Office Quiz

Even though most of us don’t like to go to the office, all of us love The Office, right? It is just a fun show to watch with its bizarre characters and funny plot while still maintaining the spirit of an actual office somehow. At least those offices I worked at 😂

The show features a lot of different characters like the laid-back Michael Scott, the crazy Dwight Schrute, or the shy Pam Beesly. But which of these characters is most like you? There is only one way of finding out: Take the Which The Office character are you? Quiz now!

Which office character are you?

A show would be nothing without its cast. And there are a lot of funny, weird, and charismatic characters involved in The Office. But which is most like you? Are you like the charismatic Jim Halpert or the bossy Janet Levinson? Find out now with this fun and entertaining quiz! You’ll be surprised for sure!

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The Office characters

There are many different characters in The Office, and we featured a lot of them in the results! Is your favorite among them? Are you like the character you identify most with?

Find out now!

The Office UK

Did you know that the original The Office is from the UK and has a different cast and story? It is as funny as the US version! Give it a watch!

This quiz is about the US version of The Office, though. So if you’re looking for a quiz about the UK cast, you’re out of luck. Sorry 😬

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