Saiki K Quiz: Which Saiki K character are you?

Which Saiki K character are you?

Discover which Saiki K character you are with this fun personality test. Are you a goofball like Nendou or a psychic like Saiki?

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The Disastrous Life of Saiki K

What would you do if you had psychic abilities? What would the average person do with them? Read people’s minds? Cheat on an exam? Well, none of these concern Saiki, a real-life psychic!

Gifted with a range of supernatural abilities, Saiki can do incredible things, from telepathy to x-ray vision. In this world full of pretty ordinary people, having psychic abilities is a bit of a hassle, and to Saiki, he sees it as nothing but an inconvenience.

All Saiki wants is a quiet life and to keep his powers unknown. This, however, results in a different set of events, instead attracting a strange group of people. Through this, Saiki is forced to deal with the craziness of “normality” around him, learning the hard way that achieving his dream of a “normal” life isn’t as easy as it seems.

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Take this quiz and discover which Saiki K character you are!

Saiki K characters

Saiki is surrounded by a loving group of friends consisting of odd individuals and, well … more odd individuals.

Find out which of the following characters you are by taking this personality test!

Saiki Kusou

Saiki Kusou is the starring character of the anime and has a peculiar and strange appearance, with bright pink hair with two antennas sticking out of either side of his head.

He’s an extraordinarily humble and selfless character, he may be reticent and reserved, but he would do anything and everything for the safety of his loved ones. Although he has psychic abilities, he never uses them for his own benefit and only uses them when needed.

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Nendou Riki

Nendou Riki is part of the main side cast; he’s a bit slow and lacks intelligence.

His appearance is quite deceiving as he seems like a mischievous delinquent. In reality, he’s a sweet and kind young man who prioritizes his friends and family.

Teruhashi Kokomi

Teruhashi Kokomi is a girl known for her dazzling beauty, with royal blue hair, blue eyes, and an overall elegant demeanor.

She’s loved by everyone at school and is the most popular. She uses her beauty as a weapon to manipulate others effortlessly.

Airura Mikoto

Airura Mikoto, like Saiki, is also a psychic. The difference between her and Saiki is that she won’t hesitate to use her powers.

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All for good reasons, of course. She has an uninformed sense of justice and loves to help others out.

Kaidou Shun

Kaidou Shun is a delusional character who lives in his fantasies and wild imagination. He pretty much has no friends because of how obnoxious and weird he can be.

He constantly tries to impress everyone around him by telling them made-up stories about himself, all of which are painfully obvious.

Kuboyasu Aren

Kuboyasu Aren is a notorious delinquent and has an extremely short temper. He’s known to get aggressive quickly over the dumbest of things. For example, he almost killed Takashi because they brushed shoulders; what a reasonable guy!

Although he is quite a stuck-up person, he has a softer side to him. Whenever anyone mentions motorbikes, he becomes soft and is willing to do anything, like helping them get their driving license!

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So, what are you waiting for? Take this quiz and discover which character you are!

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