Quiz: Which classic video game character matches your personality?

Which classic video game character matches your personality?

Are you a problem-solving plumber or a super speedy hedgehog? Step into our digital world and take this fun quiz to reveal your video game alter-ego!

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Which classic video game character matches your personality?

Wondering if there’s a video game character that perfectly encapsulates your quirky personality? Personality quizzes can be a fun way of self-discovery, and what could be cooler than combining it with a love for classic video games!

Gear up, gamers, and hit the start button! Whether you’re a veteran gamer or a noob on the sticks, this quiz guarantees to identify your video game counterpart based on nothing but your personality.

Throwback to when video games first started!

Ever wondered how the gaming universe came to be? It all started in the 1980s, a golden era for video games. The 80’s saw the introduction of some of the most popular video game characters who are much loved even today.

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Say hello to the most recognizable face in the gaming universe. Mario, with his iconic red hat and overalls, is the star of numerous games. He’s a brave, persistent character who doesn’t back away from any challenge; always ready to save the day.

Donkey Kong

No one can forget the banana-loving gorilla with a tie! Donkey Kong is a remarkable character that sometimes plays the hero and sometimes the villain.

A character known for his courage and wisdom. Link demonstrates perseverance and determination throughout his quests in the Legend of Zelda series.

Mega Man

Known for his ability to replicate the weapons of defeated enemies, Mega Man is the scientific genius’s creation who protects the world from evil robotics.

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The sphere-shaped dot muncher and ghost chaser is known for his simplicity and eternal hunger.


The speedster of the video game universe, Sonic is known for his lightning-fast speed and his loyal, trustworthy character.


A game that was a hit in its time, Q*bert is an orange character with a long snout and legs bound by springs. He’s known for his unique way of communicating, jumping on cubes to change their color.

Samus Aran

A space bounty hunter known for her significant role in empowering female video game characters, Samus uses her power suit to protect innocents from space pirates

Might these characters sound familiar?

Now, these characters might just be pixels on a screen for some, but for true gamers, they are legendary icons. They’re the main characters from games that defined generations and gave beginning to what we now know as the gaming universe.

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These classic characters not only served as fun pastime games but also baked into the childhood memories of many. The gaming world has always been close to the heart of the youth and will continue to stake its claim, with more fascinating characters sprouting from imaginative minds.

Discover the gamer within you!

Fasten your seatbelts because after a journey through gaming history, we’re finally at the moment you’ve been waiting for! Now it’s time for you to uncover your alter-ego in the classic gaming universe.

This engaging quiz combines gaming nostalgia with personality psychology to offer an entertaining experience. Take a trip down the memory lane and discover which classic video game character matches your distinct personality traits and behaviours!

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Fasten your seatbelts, gamers!

Remember the countless hours spent behind the CRT television screens, completely engrossed in pixelated adventures? Those were simpler times when the Joy-Con was a joystick; the adventures, however, were just as thrilling.

And now, it’s all up to you. Ready to delve deep into our cartridge of compelling questions to unveil your gaming persona? Your childhood favorite character might just be hiding in your answers. Find out now if you share your personality with the uber cool Sonic or the ever-courageous Link.

So hit Start, because it’s time to find out – which classic video game character matches your personality?

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