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Parties are never the same without the games that make it fun and crazy! The best games are those that reveal things you never expect to show other people, stuff that’ll make you closer than ever. Sometimes, all you need is some liquid confidence… and that is why people who go to parties love drinking games!

The King of all Drinking Games is the Waterfall Drinking Game. Often called by its other equally famous names like Kings Cup, Ring of Fire and Circle of Death, the Waterfall Drinking Game is a crowd favorite because of its peculiar ability to trigger the players into showing their silly and wild sides.

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👉 We love drinking games with cards! That’s why we created a list of the best card-drinking games of all time!

How to Play Waterfall Drinking Game

The Waterfall Drinking Game has a lot of versions as generation after generation add to the original version of the game. Of all the versions on how to play this game, the most basic is this!

What do you need for the Waterfall drinking game is pretty easy. You only need three things:

  • Bottle of liquor
  • Cup or shot glass for each player
  • Deck of cards

Tip: Playing Waterfall is even more fun when the cards are waterproof. No more ruined games or soggy house rules! Check out this waterproof card deck on Amazon:

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General Steps in Playing Waterfall Drinking Game

  1. Shuffle the deck of cards.
  2. Establish rules using the different card types.
  3. Place the bottle of liquor at the center of the table.
  4. Spread the cards in a circle formed around the liquor bottle.
  5. All cards must be touching.
  6. Each player must also sit in a circle around the liquor bottle.
  7. Agree on who goes first and then continue in a clockwise or counter-clockwise direction.
  8. Each person must draw a card from the circle of cards and act out each card based on the rules agreed upon.

In need of more information on how to play the game? Follow this link and read more about the Kings Cup!

Waterfall Rules

Aside from the many versions of the game, it also has a lot of rules which should be agreed upon by the players before each game starts. Basically, each type of card you pick entails a challenge or a rule that you should perform and fulfill, together with the rest of the game.

Some players tend to be too drunk to remember all the rules so a great thing to do before starting the game is to list out all the rules for you to read and follow later when your memory becomes a little too foggy and hazy because of the alcohol.

Here are the basic rules of the Waterfall Drinking Game, depending on which card you pick for the group during your every turn:

Waterfall Card Ace Illustration Ace

Drinks for all: Everyone must drink a shot!

Waterfall Card King Illustration King

A new rule: The player gets to be a king and create a new rule for the game. Anyone who breaks it, drinks a shot!

Waterfall Card Queen Illustration Queen

Time for questions: The player can ask another player, of his/her choice, a question. That player can then choose another player and ask another question. This turn goes on until someone refuses to answer. That person should take a shot!

Waterfall Card Jack Illustration Jack

Thumb: The player who picks a Jack must quickly put his thumb on the table. The other players should do the same and the last person to put his/her thumb down should take a shot!

Waterfall Card 10 Illustration Ten

Category: The player who picks a 10 must pick a category and every other player should say something that belongs to that category (without repeating something that’s already been said before). Whoever fails to do so takes a shot!

Waterfall Card 9 Illustration Nine

Rhyme: The player who picks a nine gets to pick a word. Every other player should say a word that rhymes with that word without repeating a word that has already been taken. First one to mess up the string of rhyming words should take a shot!

Waterfall Card 8 Illustration Eight

The drinking mate: The player who picks an 8 also gets to pick a drinking mate! Everytime any of them drinks, the other should also drink during the rest of the game!

Waterfall Card 7 Illustration Seven

To the sky: The player who picks a 7 must reach for the sky and all the other players should do the same. The last player to follow must take a shot!

Waterfall Card 6 Illustration Six

For the gentlemen: When someone picks a 6, all the guys in the group should take a shot.

Waterfall Card 5 Illustration Five

Let’s dance: The player who picks a 5 must teach the group a dance step and dance it first. The other players should each try to dance exactly as the first player did. The first one to mess up the steps should take a shot!

Waterfall Card 4 Illustration Four

For the ladies: When someone picks a 4, all the girls in the group should take a shot.

Waterfall Card 3 Illustration Three

Drink three: The player who picks a 3 must take three shots!

Waterfall Card 2 Illustration Two

Give two: The player who picks a 2 can pick another player to take two shots!

Waterfall Drinking Game App

If you find it inconvenient to shuffle cards, write the rules, or think of new ones for the game… or simply because you can’t be with your friends to play the game, worry no more! We made a Waterfall Drinking App just for you!

What are you waiting for? Follow this link and get drunk with our Online Kings Cup Game:

Play Online

But wait, there’s more! You can also download the Kings Cup gaming app we specially made for all Android and iOS users. Follow the links below to download the game to your PCs and mobile phones so that you can play it anytime, anywhere!

Bonus: Good Rules for Waterfall

As the game is passed from generation to generation, more rules were made. It’s important to note that in drinking games, you can be as creative as you want in setting the rules. Nothing is set in stone, that is what makes it so interesting and fun!

If you want to add spice to your Waterfall Drinking Game, make up some new rules or you can just take a look at these rules that will surely take any drinking game to a whole new level of wild and crazy!

1. Pump your arms back and forth when you laugh

You’ll look so ridiculous that everyone starts to laugh at you and they should pump their arms, as well.

2. No touching your phone during the game

If you touch your phone, the other players can text anything to anyone of your contacts as punishment.

3. The Forehead Master Rule

It’s pretty similar to picking the Jack from the deck of cards, except this time, you will need to touch the table with your forehead and the last player to do so takes a shot!

4. “I’ll tell you what”

Every sentence or every thing you say should include this statement. Forgetting to do so entails a shot for you!

5. “Meow”

Instead of using the word “now”, you should use the word “meow”. Forgetting this will mean another shot for you!

6. Eye-Contact

No making of eye-contact with other players. If you make eye-contact with someone, both of you should drink!

7. No-Teeth Laugh

Another thing to remember when you laugh is that you should tuck your lips in to cover your teeth. This will make your laugh contagious and you’ll all look and sound stupid everytime you laugh!

8. Viking Rule

When the rule maker or designated leader of the group motions his/her hands like a horn on his/her imaginary viking helmet, everyone should paddle. Last player to do so should take a shot!

9. No Speaking in First Person

After everyone gets a little tipsy and slurry, what you’ve got to say will start to sound weirdly interesting!

10. T-Rex Rule

Everytime a player drinks, he/she should place his/her arms in his sides like a T-Rex would. Forgetting this rule will entail a second shot for you!

The deadliest of all drinking games will surely offer you and your friends a game night and party to remember and talk about for the upcoming years. Make sure that everyone agrees on the rules and are open-minded enough to understand that it’s all just for some good-natured fun! If you’re looking for more fun and entertaining drinking games, check out our other article filled with even more great ones!

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