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Vodka roulette gets you drunk, while russian roulette gets you killed!

Equipment for Vodka Roulette the Drinking Game:

  • Shot glasses for everybody
  • Vodka or any other clear spirit
  • More than two players
  • Optional: Shot Roulette Game

Vodka Roulette Drinking Game Rules:

Fill as many shot glasses as there are players with water, except for one, which should be filled with vodka or any other clear spirit.

Mix up the glasses, so that nobody knows where in which glass the vodka is in.

Everybody has to take a glass and down the shot together with all other players. The player that got the vodka shot has lost and can’t participate in the next round.

Repeat this until one player is left. The last player left is the winner.

The winner is allowed to hand out three shots between all the other players.

Vodka Roulette with Shot Roulette

The Shot Roulette Game is an alternative way to play Vodka Roulette. Instead of everybody drinking at once, everybody gets a turn playing the Shot Roulette game.

You can get Shot Roulette on Amazon. It’s a nice little partygame, if you want more than the basic version of Vodka Roulette and pimp it a little.

✍️  September 22, 2019

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