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What is Vodka Roulette?

If Russian Roulette is testing your luck while playing with a loaded gun, Vodka Roulette is all about taking your chances with vodka shots. The great thing about Vodka Roulette is that while it’s a much safer game, it can still make people tense and sweat!

Vodka Roulette is also similar to Shot Roulette which is another drinking game twist to Russian Roulette. The main difference to Shot Roulette is that players don’t need a wheel or “roulette” when playing Vodka Roulette.

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How to Play Vodka Roulette

To play Vodka Roulette, you need shot glasses, vodka or any other clear spirit, and two or more people to play with. You’ll see that shot glasses or also an important part of this game which is why you can also call it Shot Glass Roulette!

There are no special skills required to play Vodka Roulette. What you need though is just a lot of luck. The main premise of Vodka Roulette is that players must take turns randomly choosing a shot glass that can either be filled with water or vodka. The shot glasses are mixed around so that no one knows if they’ll be drinking alcohol or not. If you’re running out of luck, you and your friends will get drunk in no time!

Vodka Roulette Game Rules

Ready to have fun with an exciting game of Vodka Roulette? Check out these Vodka Roulette game rules.

1. Prepare the alcohol.

Fill as many shot glasses as there are players with water, except for one, which should be filled with vodka or any other clear spirit.

2. Mix it up!

Mix up the shot glasses, so that nobody knows where in which glass the vodka is in.

3. Bottoms up!

Everybody has to take a shot glass and down their shot together with all other players.

4. The player who got the shot glass is the loser of the round.

He/she can’t participate in the next round.

5. Repeat steps 1-4 until one player is left.

The last remaining player becomes the winner. As a reward, the winner can hand out shots to three other players.

Tip Water Roulette: If you want to take a break from drinking vodka, you can play Water Roulette in between rounds. Water Roulette is the non-alcoholic version of Vodka Roulette. Instead of filling glasses with vodka, you can fill them with water instead. It’s a great way to slow down so that you don’t get drunk too quickly!

Drinking Games like Vodka Roulette

Want to mix things up and play other games? There are many other drinking games that are just as fun as Vodka Roulette. Check out these games which are guaranteed to be certified hits in any party!

1. Shot Roulette

This list would not be complete without Shot Roulette, which is another drinking game twist on Russian Roulette similar to Vodka Roulette. When playing Shot Roulette, you need to have a roulette wheel with several shot glasses positioned on the edges of the wheel. Each shot glass will have two numbers that correspond to the numbers found on the roulette wheel.

How to Play Shot Roulette

Playing Shot Roulette is quite easy and fun. Players take turns spinning the roulette and launching the ball which will land on a number. Players need to drink from the shot glass where the ball ended up in. Once a shot has been taken, the player can spin the roulette again. There’s no winners or losers in this game. By the end of the game or once players give up, you’ll only have drunk or wasted people!

2. Kings Cup

Kings Cup is a popular drinking game that makes use of playing cards while getting people drunk. It is an exciting card game where players draw cards and perform actions associated with the cards that they picked. It goes without saying that there will be lots of opportunities to drink during the game!

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How to Play Kings Cup

Learning how to play Kings Cup is pretty easy. First, set a “King’s Cup” which can be a mug filled with beer at the center of the table and surround that cup with the playing cards facing down.

Each player will then take turns picking a card. Once a player picks a card, he/she needs to perform the rule or action assigned to the card that they picked. Just keep in mind that the rules or actions can range from simple to crazy!

For example: Whoever picks a 2-card can assign another person to take a drink.

👉 Learn more how to play Kings Cup!

Play Kings Cup Online

In case you don’t have a deck of cards with you, try playing our online version of Kings Cup.

Play Kings Cup online

We also have a Kings Cup app that you can download to your mobile phone or tablet.

3. Mr. Freeze

Mr. Freeze is a simple game that can be played simultaneously with other drinking games. Once people start getting tipsy, it will be a challenge to remember that they’re playing Mr. Freeze while another game is going on!

How to Play Mr. Freeze

To play Mr. Freeze, you need to assign a person to become Mr. Freeze at the start of your party or get-together. The player acting as Mr. Freeze can choose to “freeze” at any time during the party.

The other players should pay attention also stop and “freeze” once they see Mr. Freeze become “frozen”. The last person to “freeze” will have to take a drink as a penalty!

The first person who noticed when Mr. Freeze became frozen will act as the new Mr. Freeze in the next round.

4. 21 Drinking Game

The 21 drinking game is just as fun and chaotic as Vodka Roulette. If you have lots of vodka left from your game of Vodka Roulette, you can use it for this game instead!

21 is a counting game where players need to count from 1 to 21, and the player who calls out “21” must drink before the next round starts! You can either make players drink a sip of beer or down a vodka shot!

How to Play 21

Gather the players and ask them to sit in a circle. Another great thing about this game is that you can have as many players as you want! Share the fun and the alcohol with everyone!

The youngest player can start the count. In a clockwise direction, players should take turns counting from 1 to 21. The player who ends up saying the number 21 will then get to make up a rule that will be added for the next round.

The players go through the same steps for the next round except there’s a new rule added now.

Here’s an example of a rule that can be added: When a player reaches the number 3, they need to scream number 3 instead of saying it normally.

👉 Take a look at more 21 drinking game rules!

5. Cup Swap

Cup Swap is a drinking game where you need to concentrate and have excellent hand-eye coordination. The main objective of this game is to transfer drinks to an empty cup using only a spoon!

Are you and your friends patient and skillful enough to do this? You’ll find out just how long it takes to transfer a drink to an empty cup while using only a spoon! Just hearing the mechanics is bound to drive everyone crazy!

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How to Play Cup Swap

Each player should have two cups and a spoon. Fill one cup with the alcoholic drink of your choice while leaving the other cup empty.

Once the game begins, players will take turns transferring as much of the drink as they can into the empty cup while using a spoon. Each player gets only 1 minute to do this.

Once their time is up, players need to drink the remaining drink from their original cup!

6. Beer Pong Beirut

If Vodka Roulette is a drinking game twist on the game Russian Roulette, Beer Pong Beirut is a twist on Ping Pong or table tennis.

Both spin-off games are super fun to play and not sporty at all! When playing Beer Pong Beirut, players don’t need table tennis paddles. All they need are their hands, a ping pong ball, a table, and lots of beer in red Solo cup!

How to Play Beer Pong Beirut

When setting up a Beer Pong game, players must face each other from opposite sides of a large table. Each player must have 6 cups of beer arranged in a triangular 3-2-1 formation in front of them.

Once the game is ready to start, the players should take turns throwing a ping pong ball across the table and trying to shoot the ball into one of the other player’s cups which are half-filled with beer.

If a player lands a ping pong ball into a cup, the other player will have to drink the cup where the ping pong ball landed in. Once the cup is emptied, this will be taken off the table.

The winner will be the first player to hit all of their opponent’s cups! As punishment, the loser must drink the remaining cups.

Try playing Beer Pong as doubles to make it more exciting!

👉 Find out more about Beer Pong!

More Drinking Games

There are many other drinking games out there! Feel free to experiment and modify games to create your own version!

👉 If you want to get more ideas, check out our list of insanely fun drinking games!

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