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Considered one of the greatest shows of all time, The Office ran for 8 years with over 9 seasons. It was aired on NBC, and it’s about the day-to-day lives of office employees in Scranton, Pennsylvania. The Office (2005-2013) was loosely based on the BBC series The Office (2001-2003).

One of the coolest things about this series is that it was filmed with a single-camera setup, without a studio audience or a laugh track, and often had shots of the employees giving their opinion about certain instances in the workplace. This resembled the feel of a documentary which allowed the audience to connect more with the characters.

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What is The Office Drinking Game?

The Office Drinking Game is a game that doesn’t really require much. It was simply made to make your usual binge-watching session a bit more interesting by incorporating some alcohol!

So just do it as you normally would; Chill with the crew, and do with some fun juice!

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How to Play The Office Drinking Game

The Office Drinking Game is simple. We’ll give out some scenarios or rules which you have to drink or take a shot whenever that specific scenario occurs in The Office.

Note: that we’re simply giving out suggestions and you can definitely change the rules if you feel like it. For example, instead of taking just one shot for a certain rule, you can chug your drink.

We do not recommend following it point by point and taking turns in doing a shot/drinking, it might take a while for everyone to get a drink in. Besides, it’ll surely be more fun to do it all together.

The Office Drinking Game Rules

Get ready for a solid night ahead of you. There’s a high chance of you (and your friends) getting drunk with this game, and always remember to drink responsibly!

Note: You can use this list for any/all seasons while playing The Office Drinking Game since it’s pretty generic. You can also write these down or save this link just in case you feel like playing it again at a later time. 😊

Alright, enough babbling. Let’s get started on The Office Drinking Game! 🍻

You have to drink when…

1. Michael says his legendary line, “That’s what she said!”

Take two shots if it’s someone else saying that line.

2. Jim goes over to Pam’s area

This happens more often than you think, so you have to really watch out for it! You might miss it!

3. Michael is seen bullying Toby

Many fan theories talk about maybe Michael hates Toby so much because of the simple fact that Toby is with HR and Michael often gets in trouble. So, what are your thoughts on this?

4. Michael is doing his interview with the camera crew

In the pilot episode alone, Michael is already seen doing lots of interviews, so good luck! ✨

5. Kelly and Ryan break up

Note that this should be for every time that they break up.

6. Jim makes a random face towards the camera

Can I just say, #BLESSED, am I right??

7. Kelly uses her relationship with Darryl to make Ryan jealous

It can be in the simplest ways, for as long as Kelly is trying to

8. Pam answers the phone and says, “Dunder Mifflin, this is Pam”

When you hear “Dunder Mifflin,” for some reason you connect it immediately to “this is Pam” and we don’t blame you for it! 😂

9. Kelly says, “OMG!”

Just want to give you a heads up, watch out for Season 03, Episode 16. You might have to chug for this. 😅

10. Pam and Jim are seen having a moment together

Pam + Jim forever! 💘

11. Michael does an impersonation of someone

My personal favorite was when he impersonated Moe Howard 😂 What’s your favorite impersonation?

12. Michael gathers people in the conference room

Chug if all the characters are in the room.

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13. Angela talks about or simply mentions her cats

Let’s take this moment to remember Sprinkles. But all 12 cats of Angela are cute too.

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14. Jim’s phone call gets interrupted or gets missed

I’m not even sure I can count the number of times this happens.

15. Someone makes a joke about a birthday

It’s the anniversary of your birthday. You are only born once.

16. Dwight says, “MICHAEL!”

This is why we always have to make sure there’s something in our cups, you never know how often you’ll be drinking with this rule 😂

17. Someone makes a reference about the Assistant (to the) Regional Manager

Take two shots if Dwight is the one talking about it.

18. Jim pulls a prank on Dwight

Chug if it’s a prank that has something to do with Jell-O

19. Dwight begins a sentence with “question” or “fact”

Take two shots if someone answers a question with a question

20. Michael makes Ryan uncomfortable

It was pretty obvious that Michael somewhat idolized Ryan. He definitely thought Ryan was cool and maybe, on some level, wished he was Ryan 😂

21. Angela gets annoyed

We all know that this happens more often than it should.

22. The camera is seen spying on someone

Take two shots if they catch the camera spying on them!! 🍻

📖 Suggested read: Friends TV Show Drinking Game | How to play

23. Someone goes silent after Michael says something

Take one shot for every 3 seconds of silence.

24. Someone insults Kevin

Fun Fact: A lot of fans noticed that as the seasons continued, Kevin’s character became dumber and dumber and not everyone supported that.

25. The theme song comes on

Of course, how can we leave this out?

Not looking to play The Office Drinking Game?

If you’re not that familiar with The Office, or just don’t feel like drinking while watching the show, don’t worry! Check out this link for other games that you could possibly play with someone. Who knows, it might be just as fun!

Always remember to DRINK RESPONSIBLY!

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