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What do you need for the Hobbit Drinking Game?

The Hobbit Drinking Game Rules

The rules are dead simple:

Take a drink when…

  • Gandalf gets pissed off
  • A named character is killed
  • Narration leads into a flashback
  • Someone speaks in a language other than English

Take a drink when you see…

  • Gold
  • A new type of creature
  • A wide, sweeping shot of the countryside
  • An actor or actress from the original Lord of the Rings films

Take a drink when someone says…

  • Hobbit
  • Erebor
  • The name of a dwarf
  • Dwarf / Dwarves

Chug your drink when…

  • Bilbo Baggins leaves the Shire

The Hobbit: Group Drinking Game

If you watch The Hobbit in a group, here’s an idea how to turn this drinking game into a group drinking game:

Split into two groups: Each group picks its character. Whenever the chosen character is on screen, the whole group has to drink.

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All Hobbit movies

The Hobbit - Trilogy

This is only for real fans. With a playing time of 533 minutes, this is a time-eating beast.

The Hobbit - Trilogy

Dangers of playing The Hobbit drinking game

The Hobbit is probably the most favorite movie of many people. And with alcohol, watching the film for the 100th time is still fun. But as always, take care when consuming alcohol. Know your limits and please do not drive afterwards by bike or car!

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