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Are you a South Park fan? Are you looking for a unique and refreshing way to have fun and at the same time express your love for the show? Then keep reading and enjoy this South Park Drinking Game!

What is the South Park Drinking Game?

The South Park Drinking Game is a drinking game played while watching the episodes of the South Park TV Show. South Park fans will be over the moon to play the South Park Drinking Game, testing their fandom and knowledge of the show. Call your friends over and prepare some snacks and drinks, and you’re in for one of the best times of your life!

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How To Play South Park Drinking Game

This is a pretty straightforward game like all drinking games. All you have to do is take a shot or two or three or however many shots are agreed upon in the rules established by the players before the game starts. Keep playing and watching South Park until all of you are crazily and happily drunk!

South Park Drinking Game Rules

There are different rules that will require different numbers of shots during the game. Check out these South Park Drinking Game Rules that will make your next drinking game one for the books.

Take a shot when:

  1. The townspeople do something stupid.
  2. A celebrity shows up.
  3. Kenny says something you can’t understand, but somehow people know exactly what he’s saying.
  4. Someone swears.
  5. Someone sings.
  6. Every time Kyle’s Judaism is mentioned.
  7. Kenny dies.
  8. Someone says “South Park”.
  9. Someone says “Kyle”.
  10. Adults are drinking
  11. Every time the show takes potshots at a celebrity.
  12. The word “wieners” is mentioned.
  13. An adult says, “My God”.
  14. Cartman says, “Girls are funny!”.
  15. Member Berries remember something other than Star Wars.

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Take two shots when:

  1. Mr. Mackey says, “M’kay”.
  2. Something is *bleeped out.
  3. Someone says, “I learned something today”.
  4. Cartman has a Jerkass moment.
  5. Cartman denies that he’s fat.
  6. A real-life event is addressed.
  7. Craig flips someone off.
  8. Mr. Garrison teaches the class about TV shows.
  9. The kids are waiting for the bus.
  10. Cartman calls Kyle’s mom a bitch.
  11. Cartman sings an especially campy song.
  12. In “Man Bear Pig”, every time the word “serial” is said instead of “serious”.

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Take three shots when:

  1. Cartman whines or squeals.
  2. A Canadian farts.
  3. A Canadian says “buddy”.
  4. Cartman says “kewl” or “skewl”.
  5. Butters is grounded.
  6. Kenny dies.
  7. Stan acts as the voice of reason.
  8. Kyle acts as the voice of reason.
  9. Cartman acts anti-Semitic.
  10. Chef says, “Hello there, children!”.
  11. “Whole Foods” is mentioned.
  12. “Star Wars” is mentioned.
  13. Timmy successfully manages to spell any word other than his name.
  14. Tuong Lu Kim says “shitty” instead of “city”.
  15. Member Berries say “member”.

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Finish a bottle of beer when:

  1. Kyle’s family exhibits Jewish stereotypes.
  2. Cartman says or does something bigoted.
  3. A news broadcast begins.
  4. Butters stands up for himself.
  5. Butters is grounded.
  6. A scene change is accompanied by banjo notes.
  7. A Sound-Effect Bleep occurs.
  8. Randy acts like an idiot.
  9. Jimmy Stutters.
  10. Jimmy says, “What a terrific audience!”.
  11. Michael Jackson says “ignorant” in “The Jeffersons”.
  12. Mr. Adams mentions Penn State shows his headshot.
  13. Mr. Adams says, “we like to have fun here”.
  14. A penis is visible on the screen.

South Park might be all about the weird and harsh jokes and remarks, but they somehow managed to insert some meaningful messages through the words of Butters Stotch:

“So I have to take the bad with the good. So I guess what I’m feeling is like beautiful sadness.”

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