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1. Never Have I Ever

If you’re looking for a game to add to your list of Skype drinking games to play during lockdown, Never Have I Ever is always a hit whether you play it in person or online.

Even though Never Have I Ever is more popular as a drinking game, you can also play it as a non-alcoholic game aka Ten Fingers. Whichever version you choose, you and your friends will have an awesome time playing!

How to Play Never Have I Ever

Learning how to play Never Have I Ever is easy. Its main premise is that players need to give statements of actions that they have never done before. The twist is that the remaining players will have to reveal if they have or have not done the action mentioned in the statement.

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Try playing it as a Skype drinking game with your friends and discover all sorts of things about them!

Never Have I Ever Questions

Your Never Have I Ever questions can be based on all sorts of topics. You can give statements ranging from embarrassing moments to naughty secrets or just regular things you’ve done.

You’ll be surprised who among your friends have had similar experiences! Or maybe not! It’ll be fun to make your friends spill some of their secrets.

Here are some Never Have I Ever questions to get you started.

1. Never have I ever… gotten lost while drunk.

Sometimes, I just spin around in one place and think I went somewhere.

2. Never have I ever… fallen over due to drinking.

Have you ever felt like meeting the floor face to face?

3. Never have I ever… drunk alone.

If you’re drinking wine, it doesn’t sound so bad.

4. Never have I ever… drank alcohol to gain confidence.

Liquid courage is real!

5. Never have I ever… chugged a beer in less than 10 seconds and then puked.

Challenge accepted!

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Never Have I Ever Interactive Game

Would you like to play Never Have I Ever along with our video? Share your screen, watch it together with your friends and play together!

Tip: If you already know how to play the game, skip the first part of the video to get directly to the best Never Have I Ever statements!

Never Have I Ever Online

If you don’t want to watch a video together, try out our free Never Have I Ever App!

App icon Never Have I Ever
Never Have I Ever Rated 4.8 stars out of five stars

Play Never Have I Ever online

2. Would You Rather

When it comes to virtual party games, Would You Rather should go to the top of the list. Since it’s a question and answer game, you can easily play this while on a video call with friends which makes it one of the best quarantine drinking games around.

When you play Would You Rather, you could be making decisions where you don’t need to think too hard, or you could be facing a dilemma that just stumps you. Talk about extremes! Watch as you and your friends make some pretty interesting choices!

How to Play Would You Rather

If you want to know how to play Would You Rather, remember that it’s a game where you will often need to choose between two difficult scenarios. Try playing a round with friends, family or even with someone that you’re dating!

It’s your chance to ask all sorts of questions in the name of fun and gain some insights on what’s important to people in a light and casual way!

Would You Rather Questions

When playing Would You Rather, there may be times when you’ll feel like you have to choose between a rock and a hard place. Don’t worry! There’s no right or wrong answer!

Check out these Would You Rather Questions to start your game, or feel free to make up your own questions!

1. Would you rather be a genius and know everything or be amazing at any activity you tried?

I don’t need to be a genius. I’m happy enough to be just amazing!

2. Would you rather dine alone or watch a movie by yourself?

No one can see if you’re alone at the movies when the lights are switched off.

3. Would you rather lose all of the money you’ve earned this year or lose all of the memories you’ve gained this year?

Memories are precious!

4. Would you rather accidentally like an old photo of your ex on Instagram or accidentally send a sext to your boss?

I don’t even want to imagine what the conversation with my boss will be like.

5. Would you rather have your Netflix viewing history made public or your Spotify listening history made public?

I have nothing to hide!

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Would You Rather Interactive Game

Still don’t know how to begin a game? You and your friends can watch and play along with this video!

Tip: If you already know how to play the game, skip the first part of the video to get directly to the best Would You Rather statements!

Would You Rather Online

If you want to play the game online, check out our free Would You Rather app! You can either play it on your smartphone or in your web browser.

App icon Would you rather?
Would you rather? Rated 4.9 stars out of five stars

Play Would you rather? online

3. Truth or Dare

Truth or Dare is a classic party game that fits right in with a list of top quarantine drinking games to play with your friends if you’re all staying at home these days.

It’s such a flexible game that kids, teens and adults can readily play it. You will just have to adjust the questions based on who the players are. Feel free to come up with Truth or Dare questions that can range from wholesome to naughty and anything in between!

How to Play Truth or Dare

Whether you play Truth or Dare in person or over Skype, you easily play this game with two or more people. The main rule when playing Truth or Dare is that each player takes turns choosing between answering a question truthfully or doing a dare.

Truth Questions for Truth or Dare

Get to know your friends a little better with these truth questions. You’ll see how much your friends are willing to share before they switch to a dare!

1. Which player would you like to swap lives with for a week?

Take a step into someone else’s shoes!

2. Do you have an unrequited crush with someone in this call?

Yes. I don’t need to say who. You only get one question. Next!

3. Have you ever peed in a pool?

Who hasn’t at least once in their lives?

4. What is the most stupid thing you’ve done in front of a crowd?

Can’t remember…

5. What’s the first thing you would do if you can fly?

Fly to a private beach!

Dares for Truth or Dare

Ready to make your friends do some crazy things? Try out these dares that you can play while you’re on a Skype video call.

1. Post a video of you singing Taylor Swift’s Shake It Off and share it on your social media account.

‘Cause the players gonna play, play, play, play, play!

2. Post an embarrassing picture of yourself on Instagram.

You’ve come a long way from that photo!

3. Dance to Cardi B’s WAP for at least 30 seconds.

Work it!

4. Draw doodles on your face using lipstick.

This one’s easy!

5. Send a selfie to one of the players in this call without saying who it is.

Will you be sending a sexy selfie?

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Truth or Dare Interactive Game

Are you tired of thinking of your own dares and questions? Just try to play our Truth or Dare video!

Tip: If you already know how to play the game, skip the first part of the video to get directly to the best dares and questions for Truth or Dare!

Truth or Dare Online

Looking for ideas? Check out Truth or Dare questions based on various topics in our online version of Truth or Dare or download the app to your phone!

App icon Truth or Dare
Truth or Dare Rated 4.8 stars out of five stars

Play Truth or Dare online

4. Most Likely To

Most Likely To is another party game that will let players find out all sorts of things about each other. Since players just need to ask and answer questions, it will be easy to play over a video call.

Make sure to add Most Likely To to the list of the best Skype drinking games to try out during lockdown. Answering questions about who is most likely to do a particular thing is just one part of the game. Hearing the “why” behind the answers can lead to a lot of laughs!

How to Play Most Likely To

The main rule of Most Likely To is that players must choose which one among the players is most likely to do a particular action. Depending on how obvious or how shocking the answers are, make sure to have enough time to discuss the answers.

If you’re staying at home because of lockdown orders, you can also play Most Likely To over a video call. It’s one of the best virtual party games to play while on quarantine!

Most Likely To Questions

When playing Most Likely To, you can have a simple question like, “Who is most likely to eat an entire pizza by themselves?”. Or it could be a little more complicated like, “Who is most likely to fall in love with someone who’s married?”

Here are some Most Likely To questions that you can use for your game or use as inspiration when you make up your own questions.

1. Who is most likely to cry because of a sad movie?

I know someone who cries because of a sad TV commercial.

2. Who is most likely to be the best liar?

The best liars are the ones who fool themselves into thinking that they’re telling the truth.

3. Who is most likely to laugh at the wrong moment?

Someone needs to learn how to read the room!

4. Who is most likely to get plastic surgery?

My naturally-pouty lips are sealed.

5. Who is most likely to forget important birthdays?

That’s what birthday notifications on Facebook are for!

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Most Likely To Interactive Game

Click on the following video to watch it together with your friends. Try to play to along the video!

Tip: If you already know how to play the game, skip the first part of the video to get directly to the best Most Likely To statements!

Most Likely To Online

Don’t know how to start your game? Try our free app!

App icon Most Likely To
Most Likely To Rated 4.8 stars out of five stars

Play Most Likely To online

5. Power Hour

Power Hour is a fun party game that combines drinking with music. The main objective of this game is for players to drink a shot of beer every minute while listening to a 1-hour long playlist. It can easily be played as a Skype drinking game too!

How to Play Power Hour

To play Power Hour as a Skype drinking game, make sure that all players can hear the playlist audio. Everyone should also have their shot glass and beer nearby so that they’re ready when it’s time to drink!

Once the playlist starts, players must take a shot of beer every time the song changes. Remember, the song will change every minute! Unlike other drinking games, there is no competition component when playing Power Hour. Every player drinks the same amount.

Players who are able to make it the whole 60 minutes without quitting or missing a shot will become the winners. Give a penalty to the losing players!

Find countless FREE Power Hour Mixes that you can use for your game on CloudSound. Get a SoundCloud Power Hour Music Mix!

6. Truth or Drink

Unless you get super creative with dares, Truth or Dare can get a little bit too weird to play remotely. This is where Truth or Drink comes into play. While it’s similar to Truth or Dare, it doesn’t contain any dares. Yet, it will also spill your friends’ secrets while simultaneously getting intoxicated!

How to Play Truth or Drink

One player asks another player in the group a question. The player can either choose TRUTH and answer the question or choose DRINK and take a shot. Whether it’s a sip of beer or a shot of vodka is up to you, it’s up to you how intense you plan to make your game of Truth or Drink!

Ready to play Truth or Drink? 👉Check out Truth or Drink Rules here!

Truth or Drink Online

Making up Truth or Drink questions can be time-consuming. You can try out our web browser version of Truth or Drink and get hundreds of Truth or Drink questions that you can use for your game.

Play Truth or Drink online

7. Movie Drinking Games

Movie drinking games based on your favorite movies are always great! And thanks to Netflix Party, you can watch a variety of movies on Netflix together with your friends. Get ready for things to get crazy once you and your friends start drinking! Who knew watching a movie can be so chaotic?!

Netflix Movie Drinking Game

Whether you’re into RomCom, SciFi or action movies, there are tons of movies on Netflix that will be perfect for a Netflix movie drinking game. Just remember that you won’t be having a Netflix and Chill night if you need to drink every few minutes!

👉[Check out Netflix movie drinking game ideas!]

Horror Movie Drinking Game

A horror movie drinking game can be awesome as a virtual drinking game too. When it comes to horror movie drinking games, what makes it fun are the rules when people need to drink. There are so many fun rules you can make from horror movies! Just imagine having to drink every time someone does something stupid in a horror movie!

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8. Video Games Drinking Games

Playing video games is a tried and true pastime that’s perfect for people who like to stay indoors. With more people staying at home, a lot more people are discovering the fun of playing video games or getting back into it after not playing for a long time!

If you’re into gaming these days, check out these video games that you can easily turn into Skype drinking games with your friends!


Fortnite is an online survival game where 100 players fight against each other in player versus player combat to be the last one standing. It is quite a popular video game these days and another awesome thing about it is that if you want to play Fortnite as a drinking game, there are many variations to choose from!

👉Play Fortnite as a drinking game!


FIFA is a free-to-play multiplayer online football game that football enthusiasts will surely love! If you want to turn it into a Skype drinking game, players can experience the thrill of playing football online while drinking too!

👉Play FIFA as a drinking game!

League of Legends

League of Legends is a multiplayer online battle arena video game where players divided into two teams of five need to execute team-based strategies to win. You can easily play League of Legends as a drinking game too. Let off some steam and add League of Legends to your list of quarantine drinking games to play with friends!

👉Play League of Legends as an online drinking game!

Call of Duty

Call of Duty is a first-person shooter video game set during the Cold War, futuristic worlds, and outer space. You can also turn it into a crazy Skype drinking game that you can play with friends!

👉Play Call of Duty as an online drinking game!

Other Drinking Games

If you are still looking for other drinking games besides the ones that we have mentioned here, we still have more options for you to check out!

Have a look at these party drinking games lists:

Whether you’re playing a game for two or with more people, you and your friends have an awesome time playing any of these games!

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