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In times of isolation, in this case, because of Corona (COVID-19), social distancing is important! But it doesn’t have to be boring.

A lot of people are switching to Skype to get their daily dose of social interaction. It’s a great way to stay in touch with friends and your loved ones. And what’s a better way to spice up those video calls with some drinking games?

Here are the best drinking games you can play over Skype:

Never Have I Ever

This is an absolute classic. And probably one of the most popular drinking games in the world.

Rules for Never have I ever

Each turn, one player makes a statement.

For example: Never have I ever ruined someone else’s vacation.

Everybody who has done it takes a sip. It’s just that simple.

Ideas for Never have I ever

  • Never have I ever… gotten lost while drunk.
  • Never have I ever… fallen over due to drinking.
  • Never have I ever… played a drinking game.
  • Never have I ever… opened a bottle with another bottle.
  • Never have I ever… drunk alone.
  • Never have I ever… drank alcohol to gain confidence.
  • Never have I ever… been sick in a taxi.
  • Never have I ever… chugged a beer in less than 10 seconds and then puked.
  • Never have I ever… had an accident while drunk.
  • Never have I ever… taken a shot.
  • Never have I ever… drank a 70cl bottle of vodka in one night.
  • Never have I ever… spent over €100 on a night out.

Need more ideas? Head over to our massive list of Never have I ever questions.

Power Hour

Each player needs some shot glass and beer. Then prepare a Power Hour Mix and you’re ready to play.

The song changes every minute during Power Hour. Whenever the song changes, you drink your shot of beer and refill it.

Unlike other drinking games, there is no competition component at Power Hour and every player drinks the same amount.

Truth or Drink

Unless you get super creative with dares, Truth or Dare is a little bit too weird to play remotely. This is where Truth or Drink comes into play. While it’s similar to Truth or Dare, it doesn’t contain any dares. Yet, it will also spill your friends’ secrets while simultaneously getting intoxicated.

Rules for Truth or Drink

One person asks another person in the group a question. They can choose to either answer it or take a shot. Whether it’s a sip or a shot is up to you and how intense you plan to make the game.

If you would like to get really got questions to ask, head over to our online version of Truth or Drink.

Most Likely To

This is by far my personal favorite! This party game will unveil what your friends think about you.

Rules for Most likely to

Each turn a person asks a Most likely to question.

For example: Who is most likely to be the best liar?

Each person then writes down the name of the person who is most likely to do said thing in the chat.

I’ll guarantee you that you will have a blast playing this game!

Most likely to questions

  • Who is most likely to win the lottery?
  • Who is most likely to be a supermodel?
  • Who is most likely to be a drama queen?
  • Who is most likely to cry in a public place?
  • Who is most likely to cry because of a sad movie?
  • Who is most likely to have the most children?
  • Who is most likely to be the best liar?
  • Who is most likely to laugh at the wrong moment?
  • Who is most likely to die of something stupid?
  • Who is most likely to be the most caring?
  • Who is most likely to do the plastic surgery?
  • Who is most likely to try a threesome?
  • Who is most likely to forget important birthdays?
  • Who is most likely to take care of the others when they are sick?
  • Who is most likely to fall in love with his/her best friend?

For even better questions and different categories, head over to our online version of Most likely to:

Most likely to - Online

TV Drinking Games

TV drinking games based on your favorite TV shows are always great! And thanks to Netflix Party, you can watch Netflix together with your friends.

Our favorite TV drinking game is definitely Friends. We also recommend Game of Thrones, Rick and Morty or How I Met Your Mother.

And of course, you can also watch movies. For example Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings.

Video Games Drinking Game

If you’re into gaming, this is for you. There are tons of ways to turn your favorite video game into a drinking game.

Here are our favorites. Click on the link to learn how to turn these games into drinking games:

That’s it. I hope you’re doing well in these times of quarantine. Have fun playing!

✍️  March 19, 2020

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