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What is Shot Roulette?

Shot Roulette is a drinking game that features a roulette wheel with several shot glasses positioned on the edges of the wheel. On the shot glasses, will be two numbers which also correspond to the numbers found on the wheel.

What makes this drinking game more fun and interesting is that you are not bound to just one set of rules when playing this game! Test your luck and see how well you’ll play in this game of chance!

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Shot Roulette vs Russian Shot Roulette

Have you heard of Russian Roulette? Well, Shot Roulette takes a lot of inspiration from Russian Roulette which is why it can also be also called the Russian Roulette Shot Game.

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The main difference is that Shot Roulette is not as lethal as Russian Roulette! You don’t need to spin a revolver to play!

What you will need aside from a roulette wheel, of course, is lots of alcoholic drinks when you play Russian Roulette Shot. Six shot glasses will be placed on a roulette, representing the “bullet chambers” if you were playing Russian Roulette.

If you don’t want to improvise, you can get a Shot Roulette.

Among these six shot glasses will be the “bullet”, which is one shot of clear vodka, straight. Meanwhile the empty bullet chambers will be represented with fixed shot glasses filled with water.

This is an exceptionally fun game to play with a group! Players take turns spinning the wheel or “shooting the gun” and taking a swig from that vodka or non-vodka shot glass! You never know if you’ll get a shot of vodka or water!

How to Play Shot Roulette

There are many ways you can play a roulette shot game. There’s always the classic Russian Roulette Shot Game, or you can try out one of its many game variations! Whichever version you choose, it’s still a game of chance and is guaranteed to be fun and exciting!

Tips When Playing Shot Roulette

Before we go into the various ways you can play Shot Roulette, here are some tips to keep in mind when playing. Follow these rules to have an enjoyable and safe drinking game with your friends!

1. Make sure you pick clear colored drinks

There’s always an element of surprise when playing Shot Roulette. Make sure you pick out clear colored drinks and spirits, so that the game will remain a mystery for everyone. This way, people can’t distinguish if what they will be drinking is water or vodka!

2. Always drink whatever you land on

Don’t be the kill joy that ruins the fun for everyone by refusing to down the contents of whichever glass you landed on especially if the game just started. You can’t be drunk already at the start of a game!

3. Know your limitations

Know your limit. If you feel like you are getting way too drunk and can’t handle any more liquor, pass on the game and let the others continue to play without you. It’s always better to know when to stop, before you drink too much and potentially get alcohol poisoning.

Don’t sniff or take a whiff of the shot glass

Don’t smell the shot glass that you landed on or the shot glasses on the table. Leave some element of surprise for when you drink it to make the game more fun and exciting for everyone!

Shot Roulette Game Rules

As we mentioned earlier, there are many versions of Shot Roulette. Here are the rules to keep in mind depending on which Shot Roulette game version you’re playing.

1. Spin & Drink

The easiest and most basic way of playing Shot Roulette or Russian Roulette Shot.

Here’s how to play the Spin & Drink version of Shot Roulette:

  1. Players take turns spinning the wheel.

  2. Whichever glass the player lands on, they have to drink what’s in the shot glass.

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  3. If the glass is empty, then they are exempted from drinking any shot glasses for that round.

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  4. All players can continue playing the game until all shot glasses are empty.

This game will heavily rely on how lucky you are! If your luck runs out quickly, you might end up downing more drinks than the other players!

2. Pick Your Glasses

For the Pick Your Glasses version of Shot Roulette, each player will have their own number of assigned shot glasses. Here’s how to play Pick Your Glasses:

  1. Fill up the shot glasses with either water or spirit, the ratio entirely depends on you and how drunk you want to get.
  2. Ideally, if there are four players participating in the game, then also four shot glasses will be given to each player.
  3. The wheel will be spun and whichever number it lands on, then the owner of that glass will have to drink down what’s in their shot glass.

An advantage of this version is that even if it heavily relies on luck as well, each player will only be limited to drinking four shot glasses at a maximum, thus lowering the chances of anyone getting absolutely drunk and making a fool of themselves!

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3. Mix & Match

With Mix & Match, you can fill your shot glasses with different kinds of spirits. You don’t have to limit yourself to just one type of alcohol. You can explore and spice things up by adding more varieties!

Spin the roulette, and all players will enjoy a different drink for each spin adding a more interesting spin to the game!

Just remember that you get drunk much quicker when you drink different kinds of alcohol all at once!

4. Mix & Match - Alternative

If you want to take a break from drinking alcohol so that you don’t get wasted too early, you can use non-alcoholic drinks when you play an alternative Mix & Match version of Shot Roulette.

This way, you can spend more time playing. Don’t worry! One of your friends will still end up getting drunk when the game ends!

5. Turbo Shot Roulette

While the non-alcoholic Mix & Match game is a slow-burn take of a Russian Roulette Shot Game, there is also a rapid fire version called Turbo Shot Roulette.

If you and your friends don’t have much time to hangout and want to get drunk asap, then this is the type of shot roulette game for you!

Here’s how to play Turbo Shot Roulette:

  1. Wham: Fill the shot glasses with your alcohol of choice (of course you can vary this from glass to glass).
  2. Bam: Leave the roulette wheel in the box. Players will instead randomly pick a shot glass to drink.
  3. Thank You Ma’am: Drink the contents of the glasses.

6. No Wheel Shot Roulette

If you want to play Shot Roulette but don’t have a roulette wheel, you can still play using an empty bottle!

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Here’s how to play a game of No Wheel Shot Roulette:

  1. Place all the Shot Glasses in a circle on a stable and flat surface.

  2. Place the empty bottle in the middle and spin it!

  3. Players take turns spinning the bottle.

  4. After the player drinks, have them refill the shot glass that they drank from.

  5. Replace the shot glass in the circle, and continue the game!

If you and your friends want to make things more interesting, then suggest a rule that allows bluffing and keep the type of drink they got a secret.

You get to watch everyone struggling to maintain a straight face whenever they down that vodka shot, or watch others bluff and pretend that they got vodka when they really got water instead!

Drinking Games like Shot Roulette

If you are looking for more drinking games to play with your friends, then we also have a list of games that are similar to Shot Roulette. These games also require having lots of luck which is one of the things that makes a Shot Roulette Drinking Game so fun and exciting!

1. Vodka Roulette

Vodka Roulette is a drinking game that’s very similar to Shot Roulette. They even sound the same! This game is a close alternative that doesn’t necessarily require you to get a wheel for the full “Russian Roulette” effect.

In Vodka Roulette, all you need are shot glasses, vodka or any other clear spirit, two or more people to play with.

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Here are the rules when playing Vodka Roulette:

  1. Just like Shot Roulette, fill up all the Shot Glasses with water, except for one.

  2. Mix up all of the shot glasses so that no one knows which one is filled with vodka or clear spirit.

  3. Each player will then choose one shot glass from the mixed glasses.

  4. After taking your shot glass, all players must down their shot together at the same time.

  5. Whoever gets the vodka shot will be deemed the “loser” of the round, and will be prohibited from participating in the following rounds.

If you are playing with a large group, keep repeating steps 1-5. The last person who survives without drinking any vodka wins!

As a prize for the winner, he/she can hand three shots to three players of their choosing.

2. Jenga as a Drinking Game

Did you know that Jenga can be played as a drinking game? It’s actually an extremely fun drinking game that will make you tense and excited the whole time!

Playing Jenga as a drinking game will require a bit of creativity and a whole lot of alcohol - two things which mix well together, right? All you need to play this game is Jenga, a pen, and of course alcohol.

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Here are the rules when playing Jenga as a drinking game:

  1. Players must first come up with their own drinking rules and write them on the wooden Jenga blocks or stones.

  2. Set up the wooden tower like how you would normally play Jenga.

  3. Players can start pulling stones and stacking them on top of the tower.

  4. Once a player pulls a labeled stone, they need to follow the rule written on it.

  5. If the rule on the stone says drink two shots of alcohol, then the player who pulled the stone has to drink two shots of alcohol.

  6. Everyone keeps taking turns stacking the stones to build the tower and following the rules written on the wooden blocks until the tower finally collapses!

  7. The last player before the tower collapses is the loser of the game!

👉 Want to get inspiration for the rules to put on your wooden blocks or stones? Check out more Jenga label ideas that you can use when you play Jenga as a drinking game!

3. Three Man Dice Game

Playing drinking dice games is another fun way to test your luck while getting drunk at the same time! Three Man Dice is a drinking game where players need to drink based on the results of the dice that they roll! That’s just pure luck, man!

There are rules that players need to perform depending on the dice-throw combinations that they get when they roll the dice. Keep in mind that a turn consists of throwing both dice and ends after the player drinks as a result of the dice combination.

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Here are the rules when playing Three Man Dice:

  1. To start playing, you need to determine who will be the Three Man. Each player rolls a dice. The first one to get a 3 becomes the Three Man. He/she will have to wear a hat while they are the Three Man.

  2. The Three Man determines who will be the first players.

  3. Whenever a player rolls a three by combination or one dice showing three, a new Three Man will be chosen by the current Three Man. The hat is then passed on to the player who becomes Three Man.

  4. If a player rolls a seven, the player to the left of roller drinks.

  5. If a player rolls a double, the roller gives the dice to two other players of his/her choice. These players will have to roll again and will have to drink as many times as they rolled the dice. Afterwards, the dice are returned to the original roller and the game continues.

👉 Want to play a full game? Check out more Three Man Dice rules.

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