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Equipment for the Pyramid drinking game

  • 1 Deck of cards
  • Drink of choice
  • 2+ Players

Setup for the Pyramid drinking game

Players sit around a table, and whoever is dealing sets cards face down in a 6-5-4-3-2-1 pyramid format, and then deals each player four cards, face down. See the picture below:

layout for the card game Pyramid

Rules for the Pyramid drinking game

The rules to the Pyramid drinking game with cards aren’t too hard to grasp. First, each player takes a 5-10 second look at their four face down cards, without revealing what they have to anyone else.

The key is to memorize what you have, and in what order, because you won’t be allowed to look at them again, unless you get called out on a bluff.

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Once everyone is set, each card in the pyramid begins to be flipped over, one at a time, row by row. After a card is flipped, players can assign drinks to each other based on either them having the card in their hand, or based on a bluff.

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If assigned a drink by another player, you have the option of calling their bluff (in which case the player that assigned the drink has to find that card in their hand in one guess), or drink the assigned drinks and continue playing.

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Note: If a player is called on a bluff and flips a card over, they discard that card and are assigned a new one in its place, face down.

Each row of the pyramid represents the number of drinks given, ranging from the bottom row which begins at one drink, to the top which represents six drinks. Also, if a player calls someone out on a bluff incorrectly, they drink 2x the number of drinks they were assigned.

If a player calls someone out on a bluff correctly, then the bluffer drinks 2x the drinks.

Dangers of playing Pyramid

As with every drinking game, take care of yourself. Pyramid can be very entertaining, but as always, please remember to drink responsibly! This alcohol drinking game is not meant to lead to you becoming sick due to over-consumption of alcohol.

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