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If you’re past the stage of going out and spending Friday nights in cramped and loud bars, don’t worry. There are plenty of ways to still be able to enjoy the weekend in a calm but equally fun way!

Or, if you’re stuck at home, here’s a great bonding experience for you and your family or friends. Everyone can simply set up a video call and watch these movies together, and voilà!

Aside from the fact that everyone is having a great time amidst each other’s company, alcohol also helps relieve everyone from any stress they’ve been feeling!

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And so now it’s time to introduce the Netflix Movie Drinking Games! In this version, we’ll mention four of the greatest movies made (in their own particular way). We’ve singled out specific scenarios in each movie that entitles all players to take a drink.

Be careful. Some of the scenarios mentioned may often occur. It might result in everyone taking drinks too often. Always remember, drink responsibly!

If you’re unable to handle your liquor well, make sure that you’re playing with people you can trust or just simply know your limits.

Have fun and enjoy an awesome movie night!

How to play the Netflix Movie Drinking Games

Netflix Movie Drinking Games belongs definitely to the simplest games out there. We’ll be giving you a bunch of scenarios (or rules) from a particular movie, and you (or all players) have to take a shot/sip of alcohol every time that scenario happens.

Note that some scenarios will have you either drinking two shots or chugging whatever drink you’re having.

There really isn’t a winner or a loser in this game. Trust us, by the time the game “ends”, everyone will see themselves as a winner 😂 But the first person to pass out will probably be officially known as the loser of the night.

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WARNING: Drink responsibly.

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1. Titanic Drinking Game

Is there even a movie that is more classic than Titanic? I don’t think so! The love story between Jack and Rose is something that sold the Titanic movie. Their forbidden love and their tragic ending make most of the scenes so iconic.

But we don’t want to spoil anything! Maybe you’re even a Titanic virgin?! If yes, keep reading and start watching this epic romance!!

And better prepare tissues, because I bet you’re going to cry. But admist all the sadness in this movie, there’s a way to still enjoy it! With playing the Titanic Drinking Game!

Tip: If you don’t have access to the film, you can purchase the DVD here:

Available on

Here are some rules for you when playing the Titanic Drinking game:

You have to drink when…

1. Anyone says either “Jack” or “Rose”

Who knows how many times someone says these words, a hundred maybe? 😂

2. Anyone in the movie takes a drink

If you didn’t know, most of the scenes actually have someone have a drink in their hand. So let’s just hope that they don’t take a sip too often!!

3. The Titanic’s theme music comes on

Every night in my dreams, I see you, I feel you… Stop singing along and take a drink! Yes, even when just the melody comes on.

4. Either Jack or Rose appreciates each other from afar

Oh, their forbidden love. How tragic.

5. The diamond & sapphire necklace (Heart of the Ocean) appears on screen

Note that even if you see the slightest bit of that necklace, that still counts.

6. You see a gun on screen

Take 2 shots if the gun is used and hits someone!

7. Someone talks about the Titanic’s grandeur or its unsinkability

You know, I think if people weren’t too complacent about the Titanic, maybe it wouldn’t have sunk

8. The Titanic’s captain is seen

You can even include a rule where you have to say “Ahoy, captain!”

9. Someone is seen nude

Now no need to stare! Just take a drink!

10. There is a transition from past to present or vice versa

The number of flashbacks this movie has, seriously.

You have to chug when…

  • Rose’s granddaughter appears
  • The famous “I’m flying” scene comes on screen
  • A body goes overboard
  • Jack starts drawing Rose (“Draw me like one of your french girls!”)
  • The Titanic hits the iceberg
  • A main character dies

2. Jurassic Park Drinking Game

Although there are several movies on these dinosaurs, Jurassic Park is a movie made in 1993 and directed by Steven Spielberg. Jurassic Park is the first installment of both the franchise and in its trilogy. Being a movie that accomplished many firsts during the time it was created, it’s now considered a movie that is “culturally, historically, and aesthetically” significant.

And besides that: Have you looked at Jeff Goldblum during the 90s? If not, please watch the movie. NOW! But even if you’re not into that handosme man, the first Jurassic Park movie is a must-see.

Tip: Here can you find the Jurassic Park DVD Box including all five movies:

Available on

Cue the amazing Jurassic Park theme song, we’re going to drink and party with the dinosaurs! Here are the rules/scenarios in which you have to take a drink when watching Jurassic Park:

You have to drink when…

1. Something or someone dies

Fun fact: Just in Jurassic Park, there are about more than 10 deaths in that movie, so… Good luck!

2. Anyone is seen holding or with a cigarette in their mouth

The 90s… Everyone was smoking everywhere! I honestly don’t know how one can still think of smoking at a place like that.

3. Somebody says, “Life finds a way.”

Take two shots for this rule! (Spoiler: That someone is Jeff Goldblum!)

4. You see a T-Rex on the screen

You can modify this rule by drinking whenever any dinosaur shadow is seen 😏

5. Someone says “Dinosaur”

Well if they don’t say it enough, I think they’re in the wrong movie.

6. The excellent soundtrack comes on

Jurassic Park has such a great soundtrack, we can’t deny that!

7. The water ripples

“Oh no…” is all we can say at this point, honestly.

8. Someone or something falls

…and that’s a lot of times. Pacing is key at this point in the game.

9. Someone says, “We spared no expense”

Look out for John Hammond, not unless you memorize the whole movie, you never know when he’ll say this line.

10. Someone mentions “Chaos Theory”

Any talk even remotely related to the Chaos Theory should count!

You have to chug when…

  • The Jurassic Park logo comes on screen
  • Someone or something gets eaten alive
  • The T-Rex chases the jeep
  • The T-Rex eats up anyone

3. Shrek Drinking Game

Released in 2001, Shrek is a computer-animated film that has other fairy tale stories making their own appearances in the movie in parodies. The film was initially intended to be produced using motion capture but after being dissatisfied with its results, the team eventually decided to complete it using computer animation.

Shrek will always be one of my feel-good movies, it definitely being one of the most significant masterpieces ever made. So let’s toast and drink to this fantastic movie. Get ready. You might seriously get drunk with this version.

You can apply this particular version to ANY Shrek movie (that’s right! We can have a marathon! If you can last that long 😅)

Tip: You don’t have a access to all the movies? No worries, here can you buy the whole collection:

Available on

You have to drink when…

1. Shrek smiles

This rarely happens, poor Shrek… But it’s good for you.

2. Fiona says “Shrek” or Shrek says “Fiona”

We’d recommend just taking small sips for this rule, seeing that this happens quite often.

3. Fiona shapeshifts

Take 2 shots every time this happens!

4. Someone is singing

Be it good singing or the horrible kind, DRINK!

5. Donkey mentions food

For some reason, I always associate the word “waffles” with Donkey.

6. Someone mentions “Ogre”

“I. Am. An. OGRE” -Shrek. Such a legendary line.

7. Someone says “Steed”

If I remember correctly, “Steed” is mentioned at least once in all movies.

8. Shrek carries Donkey

And this happens more often than you think!

9. Shrek or Fiona burps or farts

Honestly, they actually give out majestic burps and farts 😂

10. Dragon breathes out fire

I just loved the way she lit up the chandelier for Donkey in the first movie. It was sooo smooth!

11. Another Princess comes on screen

Snow White, Cinderella, and Rapunzel come on at least once in all movies!

12. Shrek says “layer”

Good luck at the “Ogres are onions” scene!

13. The Fairy Godmother is seen eating something

Honestly, her scene at the drive-through looks so good.

14. Shrek is physically fighting someone

I guess pretty much half the movie is about Shrek fighting, so you can choose to just take that shot at the start of the fight scene.

15. Someone speaks with an English accent

Accents in Shrek actually sound so good!

You have to chug when…

  • Gingy talks about his Gumdrop Button
  • Donkey cries or is seen tearing up
  • Puss makes his cute face
  • Shrek roars
  • Donkey refers to himself as “Donkey”
  • Someone says “Happily Ever After”

4. Twilight Drinking Game

Twilight was one of the greatest films created. The fact that it was greatly appreciated by fans of the novel (which is rare!) and how the story was brought to life in a beautiful way, only means that the Twilight Saga is truly a masterpiece.

Originating from the book series written by Stephanie Meyer, after being such a hit, Paramount Pictures finally took Twilight in 2004 and produced The Twilight Saga in which each book was released annually from 2008 to 2012.

Let’s hope that we’re all like the Cullens. Vampires can’t get drunk, can they? 😐

Tip: You can also use this set of rules for all five Twilight movies! Follow this link for all the movies:

Available on

You have to drink when…

1. A deer is seen onscreen

Don’t worry, they’re mostly seen only at the start of the saga.

2. Bella stammers, is clumsy, or when she slips

Better prepare a lot of liquor for this rule, ‘cause this tends to happen a lot.

3. Bella touches her hair

Ah, the famous Bella Swan hair tuck 😂

4. Bella bites her lip

I’m sorry but I don’t know how I’ll be able to contain my laughter with this rule!

5. Bella’s truck is seen onscreen

Don’t worry, I think they’re seen only until the 2nd or 3rd Twilight movie!

6. Jacob tries to get Bella’s attention

This probably happens more than it should… 👀

7. Any vampire gets an urge to drink human blood

These vampires are really thirsty.

8. A vampire uses their special ability

I actually find some of those special abilities pretty cool.

9. You hear the word “Cullen”

This happens more than you think, don’t forget they’re often referred to as “The Cullens”!

10. Rosalie makes a snide comment towards Bella

This actually goes on for a couple of movies, so good luck!

11. A vampire hisses

I never knew that Vampires are part cats?!

12. Jacob comes on screen shirtless

Not complaining, though!

13. Bella is narrating

“The good thing about Charlie, he doesn’t hover.” - What was the purpose of that, honestly…

14. A werewolf is seen shapeshifting on screen

Just to clarify, the werewolf has to be seen shapeshifting. If they come on screen as a werewolf, it doesn’t count!

15. Edward does something that could get him in trouble with the Volturi

What’s with that, right?!

You have to CHUG when…

  • Edward sparkles
  • Bella is seen screaming
  • Alice has a vision
  • Someone says “monkey”
  • Aro laughs awkwardly

Drink Responsibly!

We hope you’re still conscious enough to reach the end of this article.

If you’re interested in more drinking games and not necessarily be movie-related, don’t worry! We got you covered. You can head over to this link for more drinking-related games.

While we’re all for the fun and having a great time, don’t forget to stay safe and drink responsibly!

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