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Fan of Monopoly and drinking? Why not combine the two for a wild and tipsy game night with friends? Believe us, it’s a guaranteed way to have a memorable and fun-filled night.

Try playing Monopoly as a fun drinking game for your next game night. It’s the perfect way to twist the classic game and spice up your parties.

How to play the classic “Monopoly” (#how-to-play)

For those who haven’t played Monopoly before (where have you been?!), it’s a board game that requires players to buy, sell, and trade properties to become the wealthiest player. Your goal?

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Make your opponents go bankrupt while you become the ultimate Monopoly mogul. Here’s how it works:

1. Set up the game

Place the Monopoly board on a flat surface and have all players choose their game pieces. Each player starts with $1,500 in cash and takes turns rolling the dice to determine who goes first.

2. Assign a banker

Choose one player to be the banker and handle all the money transactions during the game. This can rotate throughout the game or stay with one designated player.

3. Start buying properties

Players take turns rolling the dice, moving their game pieces on the board, and buying properties they land on if no other player owns them. Once a property is purchased, players can start building houses and hotels to increase its value.

4. Collect rent

If another player lands on your property, they must pay you rent based on the number of houses or hotels you have built.

5. Watch out for Chance and Community Chest cards

These special cards can either bring good fortune or unexpected expenses, so be prepared for anything when you draw them.

6. Be the last one standing

The game continues until all players except one have gone bankrupt, making that player the ultimate Monopoly winner.

This classic game may already sound like a good time, but add some alcohol to the mix, and it becomes even more exciting. Let’s dive into the rules of our Monopoly Drinking Game.

“Monopoly” Drinking Game Rules (#drinking-game-rules)

Monopoly Drinking Games

Want to add some drinking fun to your Monopoly game? To get started, you’ll need:

1. Take one sip:

  • If you land on someone’s property.
  • If you roll doubles.
  • If you must pay luxury tax.
  • If you must mortgage a property.
  • If someone comes to visit you in jail.
  • If you must pay your water or electric bill.
  • If you land on someone’s railroad (+1 per additional they own).
  • If you must pay with a Community Chest or Chance Card.

2. Take one shot:

  • If you roll three doubles in a row.
  • If you land on Go to Jail or draw the card.
  • If you have to sell houses/hotels back to the bank.

3. Finish your drink:

  • If you go to jail.
  • If you go bankrupt and lose the game.

5. Pass one drink to someone else:

  • If you get money back from the government.
  • If you get Free Parking.
  • If you land on yourΒ property.

Additional house rules:

  • If someone lands on Income Tax, they can choose between taking one sip or paying $200 and not drinking.
  • If a player passes Go, everyone else must take a sip.
  • The banker gets to choose one player to drink every time they have to give change.
  • If you roll a 7, everyone must drink and move their game piece to the nearest railroad.

“Monopoly” Drinking Game Tips (#drinking-game-tips)

Playing the “Monopoly” drinking game can get intense, so you must pace yourself and drink responsibly. Here are some tips to help you make the most out of your game:

1. Choose a good mix of drinks

Consider offering players a variety of alcoholic beverages, such as beer, wine, and cocktails. This way, everyone can have their preferred drink while playing the “Monopoly” drinking game.

2. Hydrate in between drinks

Although it’s a drinking game, make sure to have non-alcoholic drinks available for players to stay hydrated and avoid getting too drunk too quickly.

3. Don’t take the game too seriously

While winning may be the ultimate goal in the “Monopoly” drinking game, remember to have fun and enjoy the experience with your friends. This is an opportunity to bond and create memories.

4. Modify the rules to suit your group

Feel free to add or remove rules based on what works for your group. You can also create your own personalized “Monopoly” drinking game rules.

5. Remember to drink responsibly

Refrain from driving after playing the game and ensure everyone has a safe way home. Assign a designated driver or plan for alternative transportation beforehand.

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Are you ready to shake up your game nights and take Monopoly to the next level? Try our “Monopoly” drinking game, but remember to drink responsibly and have fun! Cheers! 🍻

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