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The Modern Family is the American family sitcom that revolves around three different types of families in the modern world: namely nuclear, blended, and same-sex families that live in Los Angeles, California. This witty and heartfelt sitcom has Ed O’Neill and Sofia Vergara in its cast.

This sitcom urges everyone to stop living in the past and embrace the future, modern relationships, both romantic and familial. Express your love for the show and embrace your fandom with your family and friends by playing this Modern Family drinking game.

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What is the Modern Family drinking game?

The Modern Family Drinking Game is a game that was inspired by the sitcom and was popularized because of the great track record of the show. It now has a lot of online apps, downloadable ones, and a lot of versions and rules that you can think of.

It’s fun because, aside from the alcohol, the show itself will work its magic on you. Plus, even if you play it again and again, there are a lot of rules and variations you can add that would make everything fresh and new every time!

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How to Play the Modern Family Drinking Game

You only need a few things to get started. You need to know the rules of course, and then you’ll need alcohol. You can choose any type that you prefer but of course, beer is encouraged. After that, gather your friends (or family) around and get ready for a wild night!


For this game to start, you will need at least two players. But the more, the merrier. Just make sure that everybody is of legal age.

Things You Need

All you need is a TV or another device to stream the show and some alcoholic drinks. It also won’t hurt to prepare some snacks for the group too.

Modern Family Drinking Game Rules

Are you ready for some crazy drinking? Here are some great Modern Family drinking game rules that will have you laughing and drinking the night away. Remember to drink some water in between drinks!

Drink one shot when:

  • Someone uses their phones.
  • Manny wears a hat or a costume.
  • Claire is drinking wine.
  • Cam mentions the farm.
  • Cam says, “If we are being honest.”
  • Mitchell says, “If we are being honest.”
  • Jay drinks something.
  • Haley makes fun of Alex’s clothes.
  • Phil does magic tricks.

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Drink two shots when:

  • Phil shows that he has a crush on Gloria.
  • Jay talks about his father and childhood.
  • Alex mentions a doctor, physicist, scientist, author, or someone else that no one has ever heard of.
  • Gloria mispronounces an English word.
  • Alex calls Haley “dumb or slut”.
  • Claire clearly hates Gloria.
  • Manny is drinking espresso.
  • Manny wears a suit and tie.
  • Someone hits on or flirts with Haley.

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Drink three shots when:

  • Someone says or shouts, “Jaaaay….”
  • Luke does something stupid.
  • A celebrity makes a surprise cameo on the show.
  • Cam starts freaking out.
  • Phil mentions “Cheerleading”.
  • Phil makes a pun.
  • Alex and Haley fight.
  • Mitchell rolls his eyes.
  • Claire points her finger.
  • Jay starts talking about sports.

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Chug your drink when:

  • The name of the show is mentioned aloud.
  • Someone talks about Colombia.
  • Someone speaks in Spanish or uses any Spanish word.
  • A character runs into someone from their past.
  • There is a party.
  • The cast is celebrating major holidays.
  • Someone is driving.
  • Someone starts to try something new (new business, new hobby, new anything.)
  • Someone gets sick.
  • Someone watches TV.

In this modern world, prepare to have the most modern-ass problems like the modern families in this sitcom that we have grown to love throughout the 11 seasons of the show. What are you waiting for? Call the whole gang and get ready for some alcohol-filled goodness that will leave you happily drunk!

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