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My playgroup usually consumes beer while playing. And at our last meetup, it was thr Release of “War of rhe Spark”, we wanted to do something special. And this is how this drinking game got invented. But you shouldn’t play this at your local game store.

The Magic the Gathering drinking game is perfect for the Commander (EDH) format, but the other formats also work.

Accessories for the MTG drinking game

In addition to alcohol and Magic the Gathering cards, there are other accessories that can’t miss:

Card sleeves

If you like your cards, you should sleeve them! It’s even more important if you’re drunk and handling alcohol near your precious cards.

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Starter Magic the Gathering Decks

If you don’t feel like playing with your expensive decks near alcohol, why not getting one of those preconstructed starter decks?

They are perfect for newbies and if everyone is playing one of those, it’s a fair game. Just to consider.

Magic the Gathering Life Counters

We also have an online life counter for you, if you don’t have or want to use your dice. You can choose the starting life and also how many players are playing. Check out the Magic Life Counter here:

Online Life Counter

Magic Drinking Game Version 1

This is by far the most easiest version to turn a game of MTG into a drinking game:

  • Everybody starts with 20 life (40 if you’re playing EDH)
  • Each time you lose life, you have to take a drink
  • Each itme you gain life, you give out drinks to other players
  • If your life total becomes 0, down your drink

Magic Drinking Game Version 2

This version is also easy to play, but you’ll get super drunk, super fast!

  • Each players starts the game with 1 life
  • Each time if you would lose life, you take a drink instead
  • Each time you would gain life, you give out drinks instead

Additional rules

If it’s your turn, you have a couple of options to gain a little advantage. But you can only do it once each turn, and also on your turn!

  • Take 2 drinks: Scry 1
  • Take 4 drinks: Scry 2
  • Take 6 drinks: Draw a card
  • Take 10 drinks: Draw 2 cards

Hardcore Version

Instead of only taking one sip of your beer, replace the sips with vodka shots.

⚠️ Warning: We do not recommend this version, as the game will quickly escalate!

Magic the Gathering Drinking Game Version 3

All formats:

  • When a player plays a nonbasic land, they take a drink.
  • When a player plays a land beyond their first land for the turn, they take a drink.
  • When a player puts a land into play using a spell or ability, they take a drink.
  • When a player searches their deck for one or more cards, they take a drink.
  • Whenever a player searches another player’s deck for a card, both those players take a drink.
  • If the card in question is put onto the battlefield instead of into their hand, make it two drinks instead of one.
  • When a player looks at another player’s hand, the one doing the looking takes a drink.
  • If the player owning the hand had to reveal it because of one of their own spells or abilities, everyone takes a drink instead.
  • When a player draws a card when it’s not their draw phase, they take a drink.
  • When a player gains one or more life, they take a drink.
  • If there’s a board wipe, everyone takes a drink.
  • Hardcore Mode: Everyone takes a drink for each of their cards that got destroyed. (Cards, not permanents. Tokens don’t count. Your liver will thank you later.)
  • Death to the liver mode: Same as above, but for every permanent destroyed by the wipe, not just your own and including tokens.
  • When a player targets another player with a card that helps the targeted player, both those players take a drink.
  • When a player takes control of another player’s permanent, both those players take a drink. (Note: If someone has Norin the Wary as their Commander, the affected players take a drink only the first time this happens.)
  • If a player gives another player control of one of their permanents, those players take two drinks instead.
  • Make it 3 drinks if the card being given has no drawbacks.
  • It is the will of Zedruu that you should have … a drink.
  • Whenever a player says “it resolves”, they take a drink.
  • When a player casts a card that makes everyone agree they need to team up on that player, the player who cast that card takes a drink.
  • When a player backstabs another player they agreed to team up with, both those players take a drink.
  • If the game ends with players scooping, all players still in the game finish their drinks.

Commander/Elder Dragon Highlander Format:

  • When a player casts their Commander, they take a drink.
  • If their Commander is a Dragon, they take two drinks instead.
  • When a Commander returns to the Command Zone, its owner takes a drink.
  • When a player chooses to put their Commander in their librarynote of their own volition, they and the person whose card effect put it there each take 3 drinks.
  • When a player casts a legendary creature that isn’t their Commander, they take a drink.
  • When a player takes Commander damage from their own Commander, they take 2 drinks.
  • If it causes them to take enough damage to be out of the game, they finish their drink.

Dangers of playing Magic: the Gathering Drinking Game

It is always important to take care when dealing with alcohol. MTG as a drinking game is certainly one of the most entertaining drinking games. We hope you enjoy Magic: the Gathering Drinking Game.

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