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What do you need for drinking Ludo?

  • A lot of beer
  • Two or more player
  • Ludo board game

How many players can play drinking Ludo?

Just like in the classic Ludo the game is for two to four players. There are some newer Ludo boards, that allow up to eight players.

Ludo board game

Setup for drinking Ludo:

The structure of drinking Ludo is identical to the classic board game Ludo . Each player selects a color, and then each gets 4 pieces in the selected color. These game pieces are then placed in the respective corner of the game board.

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Who’s starting Ludo?

Each player rolls the dice once. The player with the highest number may start.

Rules and procedures for drinking Ludo:

Each player is allowed to roll three times in the first round. If you roll a six, you may place the first piece on the starting square. Then you can roll the dice again and advance the rolled number. If a player does not roll a six in the first round, he can roll three times in the next round.

Once you have a piece on the starting position, it is important to bring this figure as fast as possible to the finish. However, if you roll a six again, you must first bring the remaining pieces out of the starting position and put them on the field. Only when all your pieces are on the board, you can also use the rolled “6” and advance six steps with your pieces.

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If you advance to a position a piece of another player is standing, you can beat his piece and the opponent must move the piece back to the starting position outside of the board.

This is also where the first new drinking game rules come in: If one of your pieces is beaten by another, you have to drink.

If you have one of your own pieces on a field you want to advance to, you have to make the move with another piece, because you can not beat yourself.

All the pieces have to be brought into the target fields after they have covered the full circle. You must not skip the pieces that are already in the goal box, but each must move individually, so that all the characters on the target fields find space.

Drinking Ludo rules summary

You have to drink when:

  • one of your pieces gets beaten 🍺
  • if you roll the dice and it lands outside the board 🍺
  • if a piece reaches the goal 🍺

How much do you have to drink?

Depends on how much you want to drink. We advise you to take it slow and enjoy the game. A sip is already a good start. Don’t chug a whole beer, or you will get drunk fast.

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Dangers when playing Ludo as a drinking game

Drinking Ludo is a lot of fun in a small group. However, as always you should be aware of the consumption of alcohol and its limits. Drink with caution!

✍️  May 4, 2019

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