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What is the Landmines Drinking Game?

The Landmines Drinking Game is also called Land Mines Drinking Game and involves quick thinking and also a little bit of luck! In this drinking game, players have to bet on how much beer they can drink while a coin spins on its side.

Empty beer cans are used as land mines to mess up and distract the other players while they try to finish their cans of beer! This is one of the best drinking game that involves a lot of beer chugging.

How To Set Up a Landmines Drinking Game

To set up a Landmines Drinking Game, make sure you have a coin that you will be spinning, beer cans not beer bottles, Solo Cups for the beer wagers and a large table where you can place the beer cans or “land mines” and beer-filled cups during the game.

Make sure that your table is flat since you will need to spin a coin on a flat and spacious surface. Have the players sit around the table, each with their own solo cup and a can of beer.

How to Play Landmines Drinking Game

Learning how to play the Landmines Drinking Game is easy and fun. The goal of this game is to drink your beer cup as quickly as you can.

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Players will spin a coin on the table and they have to drink their beer cups before the coin stops spinning. “Land mines” will appear by placing empty beer cans on the table and will act as obstacles throughout the game.

Make sure to follow these steps when playing the Landmines Drinking Game:

1. The first player will spin the coin on the table.

While the coin is spinning, the player will pour beer into their solo cup and chug the cup until empty.

2. Once the cup is empty, the player must then try to pick up the still spinning coin.

If the coin stops before the player can pick it up, the player is unsuccessful and must then do the process all over again until they are successful.

3. The next player will be the player to the left.

This player must also follow the previous steps.

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4. But of course the Landmines drinking game is called Landmines for a reason!

Every time a player empties their beer can, that empty beer can will turn into a land mine.

5. Players who finish their beer cans, can use that can to smash other players’ coin mid spin.

The player who spun that coin must then finish the contents of their cup and start the spin all over again.

6. Empty cans will then remain on the table and act as a “land mine” obstacle for the spinning coin.

Any coin that hits the empty cans will stop, causing the spinner to restart all over again!

When it comes to winning in a Landmines Drinking Game, just like most drinking games, there is no real winner. The over all objective of the game is to get drunk and have fun!

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But remember that while playing Landmines can be a lot of fun, always drink safely! Always be aware of how much alcohol you consume and try not to go overboard. Let’s have fun and be safe at the same time!

Landmines Drinking Game Rules

The Landmines Drinking Game Rules is pretty easy to follow. Here are the rules to keep in mind:

1. Remember, that players must use the hand that they used to drink their beer when they pick up a spinning coin.

If the player uses a different hand, they have to spin again.

2. If a player is unsuccessful 3 times in a row, the group may decide to give that player a penalty instead, and move to the next player.

Hope you don’t have bad luck!

3. If a landmine is deployed or “smashed” on the coin of the spinner, the can must remain in that spot for the remainder of the game.

That becomes a permanent “land mine” that players need to steer clear from.

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4. Know your limitations!

Never drink more than you can handle.

Drinking Games Like Landmines

If you’re still looking for other fun drinking games that are just as fun as Landmines, we have more games that you and your friends will love!

Have a blast trying out these other games!

1. Cup Swap

Cup Swap is a game where players have to transfer drinks to an empty cup using a spoon. Sounds simple enough, right? It’s a simple and easy drinking game that will have you rolling on the floor with your your friends!

How to Play Cup Swap

To play Cup Swap, you will need 2 cups and a spoon per player. Don’t forget to prepare lots of alcoholic beverage too!

At the start of the game, give each player 2 cups and a spoon. One cup will be filled with your chosen alcoholic beverage, and the other cup will be left empty. Start the timer for 1 minute and let each player take turns pouring as much of the drink onto the empty cup using only a spoon.

Players must quickly transfer the drink within 1 minute. After the 1 minute is over, players will have to down the remaining drink left in the original cup.

Make sure you are quick with those hands, since the faster you pour using that spoon, then the less alcohol you have to drink!

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2. Buzz Drinking Game

Buzz is a fast-paced drinking game that gets harder and harder the longer you play it. The game may seem easy at first, but you will find yourself confused by the end!

The idea of Buzz Drinking Game is that players will take turns counting numbers. The only catch is that certain numbers will be replaced with the word “buzz”.

How to Play Buzz Drinking Game

To start playing the Buzz Drinking Game, the group has to decide on the rule they will follow throughout the game. After deciding on a rule, the group will then decide the first player who will start the game.

The starting player will then start the count at 1. The player to the left of the starting player will continue the count and say 2. This process will continue until a player makes a mistake with the count and forgets to say “Buzz!”

For example, say “buzz” when the following comes up:

  • Multiples of 3 like 3, 6, 9 …
  • Double digit numbers like 11, 22, 33, 44 …
  • Numbers with 8 in it like 8, 18, 28 …

Every player in the group must follow the rules above. Whoever fails to say buzz at the proper timing must take a shot, or drink from their cup.

To make things more interesting for everyone, you can make all the players drink! Feel free to change up the rules, so that everyone gets drunker faster!

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3. 21 Drinking Game

The 21 Drinking Game is a quick and easy party drinking game that you can play with minimal effort. All you will need is your alcohol of choice! Similar to the Buzz Drinking Game, 21 is also a counting game that’s perfect for getting people drunk in a party!

In this game, players must count from 1 to 21. Whoever gets the “21” count will have to drink!

How to Play 21 Drinking game

Have all players sit down in a circle. Make sure there is enough alcohol for everyone and for several rounds.

The group then decides on the starting player who will start at the count at 1. The player to the left of the starting player, will continue the count and say 2. The count will continue until a a player says the number 21.

The player who gets to say 21 will have to drink and will get the opportunity to make up a rule that everyone has to follow in the next round.

Whoever fails to follow the new rule, will have to drink and the count will restart from the top!

Examples of rules that can be added to the game

  • Whoever gets the number 5 will have to do a dab instead of saying the number 5.
  • Whoever gets the number 6, will have to clap 6 times instead of saying the number 6.
  • Whoever gets the number 15, will have to say “quince” instead of 15.

Remember the rules will be kept for the entirety of the game, for all rounds. So the longer the game goes on, the more rules there are, and the harder and more confusing it gets!

More Fun Drinking Games

Still looking for more games to play? Here we have a list of games like that will surely give you a memorable party!

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