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Test your luck and coordination with the “Landmines” drinking game! This popular party game is a race against time, testing your ability to chug a beer before a spinning coin comes to a stop.

Think you have what it takes to out-drink your friends and a coin? Whether at a party, a bar, or just hanging out with friends, this fun drinking game will liven up any gathering!

How to Set up the “Landmines” Drinking Game

Setting up the “Landmines” Drinking Game is easy and won’t take more than a few minutes. All you need is:

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  • A large table or flat surface
  • A coin (a quarter works best)
  • A beer for each player
  • A drinking cup for each player

And that’s it! Now, let’s move on to the rules and how to play this exciting game.

How to Play the “Landmines” Drinking Game

The “Landmines” drinking game has a simple premise – chug your beer before the coin stops spinning. Here’s how to play:

1. Pour the beer into each player’s drinking cup.

Before you begin with the “Landmines” drinking game, make sure each player has poured their beer into a drinking cup. This makes it easier to chug and prevents any spillage on the table.

2. Decide who goes first and which direction the turn order will go.

This can be determined by any method, such as rock-paper-scissors or a coin toss. Once the first player is chosen, decide if the turn order will go clockwise or counterclockwise.

3. Place the coin in the center of the table and spin it.

The first player must start chugging their beer as soon as they start spinning the coin.

3. If you manage to finish your drink before the coin lands on a side, it’s the next player’s turn.

Congrats if you managed to finish your beer in time! Now it’s the next player’s turn.

4. If the coin lands on a side before you finish your drink, you must stop drinking immediately.

Uh oh, you didn’t finish your beer in time! On your next turn, you must finish your remaining beer in the cup.

5. The Landmines drinking game is called Landmines for a reason!

Once you finish your drink, you can use your beer can as a landmine. So, what do landmines do?

You can slam your empty beer can (landmine) on the spinning coin during any other player’s turn. The player has to finish their drink and start over from the beginning.

Once a landmine is slammed on a coin, the landmine stays in the game. Landmines remain in the game and act as obstacles for all players.

6. How does it end?

You can decide how many rounds to play before the “Landmines” drinking game is over, or you can just continue playing until all the beer cans are gone!

Remember that while playing Landmines can be fun, always drink safely! Always be aware of how much alcohol you consume, and try not to go overboard. Let’s have fun and be safe at the same time!

“Landmines” Drinking Game Rules

Now that you know how to play the “Landmines” drinking game, it’s essential to establish some ground rules before diving in. Here are a few suggestions to keep the game fun and fair for everyone:

1. Use the same hand to spin the coin and drink.

If you spin the coin with your left hand, you must also drink with your left hand. The same goes for if you spin the coin with your right hand.

2. If a landmine is placed on the coin, it must remain in that spot forthe remainder of the game.

We already discussed that landmines act as obstacles in the game. However, it is important to note that they have to stay at the exact spot where they were placed.

3. If you want a competition, the player who places the most landmines during the game wins.

If you’re feeling competitive, then why make it a race? Whoever manages to place the most landmines during the “Landmines” drinking game wins.

4. Know your limits!

Never drink more than you can handle. Always be aware of how much you’re drinking, and stop if you don’t feel well.

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5. Don’t drink and drive!

It’s important always to have a designated driver or use public transportation if you’re going out for a night of drinking games.

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Whether you’re pre-gaming for a night out or simply aiming to spice up your parties, the “Landmines” drinking game is a fantastic addition to your party game arsenal. Gather your friends, grab some beers, and let the race against time begin!

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