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Do you love drinking games played with your friends and family? Do you also enjoy watching your favorite TV shows with them? Well, now you can do both at the same time! Watch your favorite series while drinking your poison and having one of the most drunken times of your entire life!

These types of games are best played during sleepovers, parties and actually, anytime you want to play it.

What is the How I Met Your Mother Drinking Game?

How I Met Your Mother or HIMYM is a famous American TV show that centers on Ted Mosby as he tells his kids the story of how he met their mother! And it’s actually quite the story that lasted for nine seasons and years! The events of the story were made even more exciting and fun with Ted’s circle of friends who the fans have grown to love, too. They are Lily, Marshall, Robin and Barney!

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The How I Met Your Mother Drinking Game is a game which was inspired by the TV Show and was popularized because of the many fans that the show has. It now has a lot of online apps, downloadable ones, and a lot of versions and rules that you can think of.

This drinking game is fun because aside from the booze, the show itself will work its magic on you. Plus, even if you play it again and again, there are a lot of rules and variations you can add that would make everything fresh and new every time!

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How to Play the How I Met Your Mother Drinking Game

The game is pretty simple to play! You only need a few things to get started so don’t sweat it out!


For this game to start, you will need at least two players. But of course, the more players, the merrier! But of course, the more players, the more booze you’ll need.

Things You Need

All you need is a TV, lots of episodes of How I Met Your Mother and your choice of alcohol (Beer, vodka or tequila will do best!). It also won’t hurt to prepare some snacks for the gang. Good show, good company, good booze and good food!

How I Met Your Mother Drinking Game Rules

Of course, this game can’t even start without all the players agreeing on a unique set of rules for the game. As mentioned, this drinking game has a lot of versions depending on what the players want and are willing to set as rules. Of course, the sky’s the limit when it comes to the rules you’re gonna set.

First golden rule, you must all decide to pick designated characters for each player and take a shot everytime their character’s name is mentioned in the show. Here are the main characters in the show, if there’s more of you, two or more players can be designated to the same character:

  • Ted
  • Barney
  • Robin
  • Marshall
  • Lily

Aside from this rule, you can add as many rules as you want and assign a number of shots per rule. Here are some fun and exciting rules to get you started in the game:

1. Someone says “Awesome!”

If someone in the episode uses the word “awesome”, you should all get a shot.

2. Ted’s Kids

If you see any one of Ted’s adorable children, it’s time for TWO shots!

3. Robin Sparkles

Since this is a very rare thing, bottoms up, time for THREE shots!

4. Mommy Clues

If any clue about who the mother is will be given, drink THREE shots!

The TV show loves to feature songs for some episodes, if this happens, be merry and take a shot!

6. Alcohol

If any one of the characters is shown drinking beer or any type of booze, you should also take a shot!

7. Barney Says

If Barney says either “What up!”, “Legen…wait for it…dary!” or “True story”… take TWO shots!

8. Lily’s Advices

Everytime Lily gives advice to another character, take a shot for every advice given!

9. Tear Jerkers

This might be a sort of a comedy show but there can be some real tear jerkers in some episodes. If this happens, take THREE shots!

10. High Five!

When you see characters in the show doing a high five, take that glass up high and do your shot!

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11. Barney’s Tricks

Barney is kinda known for his “magic tricks” to impress the ladies. Take TWO shots for his magic!

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12. Flashbacks

Everytime a flashback is shown in the show, take a shot! You need to know that every episode is basically a flashback which means you gotta drink up every time a single episode starts!

13. Canadian Robin

When Robin mentions something Canadian or related to Canada, you deserve a shot!

14. Voiceover Ted

When you hear Ted doing a voiceover, the game’s over, do THREE shots!

15. Marshall’s Songs

Marshall loves singing about what he’s doing, take a shot for him!

16. Have you met…

When someone starts asking, “Have you met…?”, TWO shots for you!

17. Barney’s Blog

Barney loves to talk about his blog, drink up a shot to drown his oversharing scheme.

18. Ted and Barney

Everytime Barney assumes he’s Ted’s BFF, take TWO shots for them!

19. Lily’s Secrets

Everytime Lily reveals a secret, bottom’s up, one shot for you!

20. Star Wars

When any of the characters makes a Star Wars reference, take TWO shots!

21. Robin’s Firearm Scene

Everytime Robin shows her gun… and I mean it literally… you take a shot before she does!

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22. Marshall Musical

Marshall loves to sing but he sometimes takes out an instrument to accompany his singing. When he does, take a shot!

23. Slapsgiving

Anytime people say “Slapsgiving” or start slapping each other, take THREE shots!

24. Literally Robin

This is one of Robin’s favorite expressions.. LITERALLY take TWO shits for every “literally” that comes out of her mouth.

25. Telepathic Conversations

This type of conversation is normally used in the show. Take a shot for every telepathy that happens!

26. Mother

Down a shot for every “Mother” that comes out of Teed’s mouth!

27. Complete Gang

When the main characters; Robin, Ted, Barney, Lily, and Marshall are all together, everybody must drink a celebratory shot!

28. Barney’s Pick Up Lines

Barney loves to impress the girls with corny and dorky pick up lines that he thinks are cool. One shot for you when starts doing his pick up lines!

29. Challenge Accepted

When any acceptance of a challenge occurs, take TWO shots for some liquid confidence!

30. Lawyered

This is one of Marshall’s favorite expressions, take a shot for him!

31. But Ummm…

Robin can be speechless and mumbling sometimes, down a shot to make her blurt whatever she’s trying to say.

32. Fist Bumps

Fist bumps are a thing in this show, TWO shots for you for every first bump!

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33. Go For Barney

When someone calls Barney and he answers his phone by saying “Go for Barney.”, take a shot!

34. The Goat

This violent goat who attacks Missy is a sight for sore eyes! Down TWO shots when you see the goat in the show!

35. Sexy Times

Everytime any of the main characters have sex, you’re entitled to a shot!

36. Sickeningly Sweethearts

Marshall and Lily can sometimes be too sweet. Take TWO shots for them every time they’re overboard sweet to each other.

37. Weed and Sandwiches

Everytime weed is substituted for sandwiches, take a shot!

38. Ted’s “Long Term” Girlfriends

Long term means one who has lasted for more than one episode, take THREE shots for Ted’s achievement!

39. Flash Forward

This is the opposite of a flashback, when this happens, it’s one shot for you!

40. How I Met Your Mother

When Ted says this very popular phrase which just happens to be the title of the show, it’s not one, it’s not two but it’s THREE glorious shots for you!

HIMYM just kinda knows how to take your mind off things, much like booze and alcohol. Take them both together and you’ll surely have a stupendous time with your own gang of misfits! Life’s short, you’ll realize that crazy fun and drunken moments like this are what you’ll cherish forever.

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