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Fuzzy Duck is not only a great tongue-twister game but also a hilarious drinking game that is sure to get the party started! This fast-paced drinking game will have you and your friends laughing all night long as you try to keep up with the ever-changing rules.

The more alcohol you consume, the more difficult it becomes! But don’t worry, we’ve got your back with this comprehensive guide to the Fuzzy Duck Drinking Game.

There are so many great drinking games out there! Check out one of these 17 insanely fun drinking games for your next party!

How to play Fuzzy Duck Drinking Game

You can play Fuzzy Duck anywhere, at a party, in a bar, or at home with friends. Before we get into the gameplay and drinking game rules, let’s first go over what you’ll need to play.

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What do you need for Fuzzy Duck?

We’re pretty sure you have all of these things lying around your house already, so there is no need to go out and buy anything special. All you need for Fuzzy Duck is:

  • A group of at least 3 people (the more, the merrier!)
  • Alcohol of your choice (beer, liquor, wine, etc.)
  • A place to sit or stand around in a circle.

That’s it! Now that you know what you need let’s get into how to actually play Fuzzy Duck.

Fuzzy Duck Gameplay

  1. Gather all players in a circle. If you’re playing with a group of friends, have everyone gather around in a circle so that everyone can see and hear each other. If you’re playing at a party, make sure the music isn’t too loud so that people can still hear each other talking.
  2. The youngest player starts by turning to their left and saying Fuzzy Duck. The next person turns to their left and does the same.
  3. This continues until a player turns to the person who said “Fuzzy Duck” and says, “Duzzy?” This question changes the direction, and the phrase to be repeated changes to “Ducky Fuzz” instead of “Fuzzy Duck”. Anyone can change the direction by saying “Duzzy?” but can do it only twice every round.
  4. The idea of the game is to go as fast as possible: Stalling or getting it wrong means you have to take a drink.

By playing Fuzzy Duck long enough or drunk enough, you will get to know for yourself why that game is called Fuzzy Duck.

Fuzzy Duck Drinking Game Rules

There’s only one real rule to playing Fuzzy Duck, and that’s to drink whenever you make a mistake. Here are a few different ways you can make a mistake and have to drink:

1. If you say the phrase wrong, take a sip of your drink.

For example, if you’re supposed to say “Fuzzy Duck” but you accidentally say “Ducky Fuzz” instead, you have to take a drink.

2. If you hesitate for too long, take a sip of your drink.

Remember, the whole point of the game is to go as fast as possible! If you hesitate for more than a few seconds before saying the next phrase, you’ll have to take a sip of your drink.

3. If you change the direction more than twice in one round, take a sip of your drink.

You can only change the direction of the game twice per round, so if you do it more than that, you’ll have to take a sip of your drink.

Additional Fuzzy Duck Drinking Game Rules

Remember, the point of the game is to go as fast as possible without making any mistakes. So, if you want to make things more challenging (and more fun), you can try playing with these additional rules:

  • If you make 2 mistakes in a row, take a shot instead of a sip.
  • If you make 3 mistakes in a row, finish your drink.

That’s all there is to it! Now that you know the rules, all you need is a group of friends and some alcohol, and you’re ready to play Fuzzy Duck. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and start playing!

Games like Fuzzy Duck

If you’re looking for more drinking games to play with your friends, here are a few similar games to Fuzzy Duck that you might enjoy:

1. Buzz Drinking Game

The Buzz drinking game is similar to Fuzzy Duck in that it’s a fast-paced game where you have to pay close attention, or you’ll end up drinking. We recommend playing Buzz with at least 4 players, but the more, the merrier! The only things you need to play are alcohol and some friends.

How to play Buzz

To start the game, everyone sits in a circle, and one player starts by saying the number 1. The next player then says the number 2, and so on.

There are some numbers you aren’t allowed to say. Instead, you have to say the word “Buzz”. You must say “Buzz” if the number you’re supposed to say is:

  • a multiple of 7 (14, 21, etc.),
  • a double-digit number (11, 22, 33, etc.),
  • or if it contains the number 7 (17, 27, etc.)

If you mess up, you must drink! So pay attention, or you’ll end up taking a lot of drinks.

2. The “21” Drinking Game

21 Drinking Game is one of the easiest drinking games out there. You simply need to count up to 21 and drink whenever you make a mistake. The great thing about this game is that you can create your own rules to make it as easy or as difficult as you want.

How to play the “21” Drinking Game

To start, everyone sits in a circle, and one player starts by saying the number 1. The next player then says the number 2, and so on.

The player who says 21 must drink and come up with an additional rule for the next round. For example, they might say that you can’t say the number 17 in the next round. If someone breaks the rule, they must drink.

You can make the game as easy or as difficult as you want by coming up with different rules each round. The only limit is your imagination!

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