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How many Players do you need for Fuzzy Duck?

To play Fuzzy Duck you need more than two players. Otherwise nothing else is needed besides some good old alcohol.

Fuzzy Duck Game Rules:

The player should sit in a circle or around a table.

The youngest player starts by turning to his left and saying Fuzzy Duck. The next person turns to their left and does the same.

This continues until a players turns to the person who said Fuzzy Duck and says Duzzy?

Then the question changes the direction and the phrase to be repeated changes to Ducky Fuzz instead of Fuzzy Duck.

Anyone can change the direction, but can do it only twice every round.

The idea of the game is to go as fast as possible:

Stalling or getting it wrong means you have to take a drink.

By playing Fuzzy Duck long enough or drunk enough, you will get to know for yourself, why that game is called Fuzzy Duck.

✍️  March 23, 2019

Our Rating

Fuzzy Duck Drinking Game

Fuzzy Duck Drinking Game will definitely spice up your next party. Based on how complex, how easy it is to play and how drunk you will get, we give it 4.7 out of 5 stars. We hope you enjoy Fuzzy Duck Drinking Game as much as we do!

4.7 out of 5 👌

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