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What equipment do you need for Four Corners

Full Four Corners Set:

You can get a full set to play Four Corners on Amazon for only $11.99:

Red Cups + Ping Pong Balls

How many players do you need for Four Corners?

You will need 4 people. Two people on each team.

Four Corners setup

Two teams of 2 face each other from across the table, with one person on each corner. Each player has a cup of water in front of them, and a full beer to the side. Two ping pong balls are used, generally, the winning team starts with both, or else they’re split 1-1.

Rules of Four Corners

Corners is a fun, fast-paced ball and cup drinking game that’s a viable option when many people want to play, as games can end in as few as 4 shots. That being said, it’s also a great game of skill, as the one cup per corner means a lot less “lucky bounces”, and rebounding shots adds another element of skill.

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In corners, there is no physical representation of a player’s lifeline, such as a 6-cup rack in Beer Pong, rather each player has 4 quarters of a life, and loses them until reaching 0, when they can no longer shoot (but can rebound for their partner!). A made cup costs 2/4 life, and a ball that hits the lip of a cup and then the ground costs 1/4 life. You must drink the corresponding amount of beer after losing a life, so 1/4 life means you drink a quarter of your beer before you shoot again, & 2/4 means half a beer. Bounce backs are in play, so it’s important both teams pay attention to every shot!

Dangers of playing Four Corners

It is always important to take care when dealing with alcohol. Four Corners is certainly one of the most entertaining drinking games. We hope you enjoy Four Corners.

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