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Over the years and ever since it first aired on television, the hit and classic long-running TV show, Family Guy, has been a source of good laughs, times, dirty and sick jokes! And moreover subtle parodies of current affairs on politics, entertainment news, and even parodies on history and religion.

Everyone loves how unapologetic and sarcastic the jokes and statements of the characters are. The characters are all very relatable due to their imperfections and flaws in a show with no actual story plot, much like real life! It’s a show that makes a mockery of the already cruel and corrupt world and peddles it to the masses for entertainment and awareness.

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The Family Guy Drinking Game was made in honor of this crowd-favorite and award-winning TV show! Familiarize yourself with it and its rules, and you’ll indeed have the best time watching your favorite show…

What is the Family Guy Drinking Game?

The Family Guy Drinking Game is a game that was inspired by the TV Show and was popularized because of the excellent track record of the TV show. It now has a lot of online apps, downloadable ones, and a lot of versions and rules that you can think of.

It’s fun because the show itself will work its magic on you, aside from the booze. Plus, even if you play it repeatedly, there are many rules and variations you can add that would make everything fresh and new every time!

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How to Play the Family Guy Drinking Game

The game is pretty simple to play! You only need a few things to get started, so don’t sweat it out!

Players: For this game to start, you need at least two players. But of course, the more players, the merrier! But of course, the more players, the more booze you’ll need.

Things You Need: All you need is a TV, lots of episodes of Family Guy, and your choice of alcohol (Beer, vodka, or tequila will do best!). It also won’t hurt to prepare some snacks for the gang. Good show, good company, good booze, and good food!

Family Guy Drinking Game Rules

Of course, this game won’t start without everyone agreeing on your own set of rules for the game. As mentioned, this drinking game has a lot of versions depending on what the players want for the game. The sky’s the limit when it comes to the rules.

First global rule, you can all decide to choose characters for yourselves and take a shot every time their name is mentioned in the show.

Aside from the global rule, you can add as many rules as you want and assign several shots per rule. Here are some fun and exciting rules to get you started in the game:

1. One Flashback, One Shot

The show has a thing for dumb flashbacks. Too bad you’re going to take a shot for it!

2. Sweet Peter, Sweet Shot

One of Peter’s expressions is saying, “sweet!” Take a sweet shot, sweetie!

3. Quahog News, Time for Shots

The Quahog News reminds you it’s time for your shot!

4. Brian & Stewie fights, You Drink

This duo is always on each other’s throats, and you’re taking a shot for them!

5. Family Drive, You Drink

No matter how weird the Griffin family is, seeing them drive together is just adorable… take a drink!

6. Shot for a Song

Every time someone breaks out into a song, everyone should take a shot!

7. Another Cartoon Show Parody

This show loves to do parodies for other shows. Take a shot every time this happens!

8. Stewie and Teddy

The baby of the family, who sounds so much older, actually loves his teddy bear. Every time Stewie talks to Teddy, drink up!

9. Peter’s Trademark Laugh

Don’t you love Peter’s laugh? Well, you’re going to love it more while taking a shot!

10. Puking Characters

Every time a character in the show pukes, you drink!

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11. The Evil Monkey

The evil monkey is a regular sight to behold, so take a shot every time you see him!

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12. Family Guy Musicians Parody

The show also makes fun of singers and bands, every time this happens, it’s time for a drink!

13. Take a shot for Bullied Meg

Meg is probably one of the most bullied characters in the show, be it at home or school. Take a shot in her honor!

14. Brian tries to be Intelligent

When Brian tries to sell out by acting wise, you should take a shot.

15. Lois gets Mad, Mad, Mad

Mrs. Griffin can be really uptight at times. Take a shot to loosen up!

16. Drugs and Drinks

The explicit content of this show is literally off the hook! Shrink up every time a character takes drugs.

17. Peter on the Phone

Every time Peter is on the phone, you should be on your drink for a shot!

18. Sex = Shot

Every time someone has sex on the show, take a shot!

19. Curse Words

This is not a clean TV show. It’ll be raining curse words, so take a shot every time you hear them. You’ll be drunk in no time.

20. Peter Says, “Lois”

Every time Peter mentions his wife’s name (Lois), take a shot!

21. Stewie’s Weapons

Stewie can be a violent pain in the ass. Drink up every time he picks a weapon!

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22. Sexy Women

Women in bras and panties are not lost in this cartoon TV show for adults. Take a shot for every woman who starts to strip off her clothes.

23. The Family that Eats Together, Drinks Together

If the Griffin family is dining together, all of you should take a shot together!!!

24. Holy Crap!

Aside from his signature laugh, Peter loves to say, “Holy Crap!”. Every time he says so, drink up your booze!

25. Quahog

The name of the fictional city where the characters live in this show is quite famous, even if it’s only make-believe. Every time you see it on the show, take a shot!

26. Foreign Trips

There are episodes wherein the Griffin family goes on trips abroad, every time they do, you should all take TWO shots.

27. One Fart, Two Shots

If someone farts in the show, you should all take TWO shots!

28. Someone Falls Down

Just like all funny cartoons, we love to see characters falling down on their faces. Take TWO shots if someone falls!

29. Back To the Future

Every time the show does a re-enactment of Back to the Future, take TWO shots!

30. High Tech Stewie

Every time Stewie uses a gadget or something, you’ll need TWO shots!

31. Rarely Lucky Meg

I don’t know why Meg doesn’t get all the niceties she deserves, so when someone is nice to her, drink up TWICE!

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32. Mock the Politicians, Shots on You

Every time a politician shows up in a parody speech in the show, take TWO shots!

33. The Drunken Clam

When the characters show up at the Drunken Clam, you should also drink more than the usual shot. Take TWO!

34. Bleep Sound Effects

When a “Bleeeeeep!” sound-effect is used on the show to mute out something the character has to say purposely, it’s TWO shots for you, mate!

35. What the hell?

When you hear this line being said by any of the characters, drink up TWO shots!

36. Herbert and Chris

If Herbert tries to seduce Chris, it’s TWO shots for you!

37. Herbert and Chris Part Two

If Herbert tries to seduce someone who’s not Chris, take THREE shots!

38. Kool-Aid Guy

If everyone’s favorite Kool-Aid Guy shows up on the show, drink TWO shots!

39. Book and Movie Parodies

When there’s a parody of a book or movie, take not two but THREE shots!

40. Superman Returns

Family Guy loves Superman, so every time he’s on the show, take THREE shots!

41. Blood Everywhere

When there’s blood, a drop, or a splash of it, you’ve earned THREE shots!

42. Giggity Giggity Quagmire

Whenever Quagmire says “giggity giggity”, take THREE shots for him!

43. The dying Peter

Believe it or not, there are episodes when Peter Griffin dies. If this happens, it’s THREE shots for you, pal!

44. Gay References

Family Guy is known for its unfiltered and unapologetic jokes… take THREE shots for any gay references in the episode you’re watching.

45. The Chicken Show

If you see a giant chicken in the show, gulp down in one go THREE shots!

You might think there’s nothing crazier than watching Family Guy with your friends and family. Surviving the most awful and harsh jokes is no small feat! Try that while you’re urging yourself not to pass out from drunkenness! What are you waiting for? Be as crazy as Peter Griffin and his family and friends by playing the Family Guy Drinking Game!

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