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Equipment for the Electricity Drinking Game

  • Deck of cards
  • Beer (~3-4 per person, per game)
  • 4+ players

Setup for the Electricity Drinking Game

Arrange yourselves in circular fashion around a table or surface to deal the cards on. The game proceeds in a clockwise manor, and the circle promotes social interaction. Lastly, pick one person to be the dealer.

Rules for the Electricity Drinking Game

The Electricity drinking game rules are pretty easy to grasp. It’s not really a turn based game, rather the dealer dictates the pace of the game by handing out cards one at a time in clockwise fashion (it’s not a race).

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Similar to real electricity, a current must be formed for it to flow. In this card drinking game, a current is formed by evaluating the most recent card dealt to the person to the left and right of the person who was dealt the most recent card.

Here is the criteria for a connection to be formed:

  • Matching Suits (Heart, Diamond, Club, Spade)
  • Matching Number (2-10)
  • Matching Card (Jack, Queen, King, Ace)

If a connection is made by suit or card, the player that connected then evaluates the person on the opposite side of them (if connection was formed to the left, look to the right) to see if they connect, and this continues until the current is isolated with no connections at either end (or sometimes a full circle is formed!).

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When a current is formed, everyone that’s connected drinks for the amount on their connected card (only the most recently dealt card is evaluated for a connection). A 2 card is two drinks, 3 is three drinks, all the way through Ace being fourteen drinks.

One last thing, the connected people that drink can’t count their drinks, rather it’s the people who aren’t connected that count it out for them, one at a time (Player A: “one”, Player B: “two”, Player C: “three”, Player A: “four”, Player B: “five” etc..).

This allows everyone to participate in the game at any given point in time, and also to mess with each other by controlling the pace that others drink at by how fast or slow you count!

Alternate Rules (requires beer and straights):

Following the same rules, a turn based card game, however the only connections are number and picture cards. Each time a player gets a card, they take a sip/gulp of beer.

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The player continues taking a sip if the next card after theirs is connected and continues sipping if the next card is connected and so on until the connection is lost and they don’t sip until they are dealt a card again.

Example: 7 - 8 - 9 -10 or J-K-Q = Connected, 7 - 8 - 2 - 4 then J = break the connection and begins a picture connection.

That is the standard procedure, but now we add the FUN rules:

  • When there are doubles, (example: J-J or 7-7) dealt together, then those two people take a shot. (same also applies with triples, quads.)
  • When a connection reaches 5 number cards or 4 picture cards that person that landed the 4th or 5th card takes a shot.
  • When a number connection reaches 8 number cards, EVERYONE in that connection takes a SHOT. Another round of shots is reached at 16 number cards, but this is highly unlikely.
  • When a picture connection, contains all pictures J-Q-K-A then all the people in this connection takes a SHOT
  • When a joker comes out, everyone in that connection takes a SHOT.

Example: 2-4-5-7-3-Joker = 5 people would take a shot. Also the player that got the 3rd card should have took a shot for getting the 5th number card. Joker continues connection.

Dangers of playing Electricity

Electricity can be a lot of fun. However, as always you should be aware of the consumption of alcohol and its limits. Drink with caution!

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